Fortune Cookie Thing

I am so sick of our project study that thinking of the adjustments we will be doing again with our paper would make me want to vommit and squeeze all the bad juice out of somebody. I graduated Cum Laude and yet I still have this stupid task. Graduation has no meaning in our school. If I could get through with my college life again, I would definitely do it with a different school. Ugh. We have to literally waste a semester over a 2-unit subject. Impractical, isn't it? I might as well start a campaign for high school students to slash out the name of our school on their college university wishlist.

Instead of tormenting myself with the disgusting project study, I made tambay on Facebook. I did this and that just to get my mind off certain things. Recently, I developed this habit of getting my daily fortune cookie message just to boost up my already broken zest for getting up everyday. Remembering the thesis spoils everything. Here's my lucky message:

Guess this one's really for me since my blog name is Miss `Chievous, aight? Though a friend told me I am so not like the word. This guy and I met in a forum and all the while, he happens to be my classmate! What a small (cyber) world, huh? Then, he got to visit my blog since I posted a link on my signature in the forum. And I was kinda embarrassed for him to have seen my blog.  My profile picture in this blog used to be a body part picture. You know, shots without the face. I like these shots in magazines and in avatars. I changed it just before he visited my blog. And he saw my face. And he knows. He texted me right away to confirm.

Anyways, in time, my blog would be known to people I know in real life. And I have to deal with it. I wouldn't be blogging as Miss 'Chievous anymore. In time.


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