Boom Bim

This is a DogBerry follow up entry. Since I haven't formally introduced my two dogs. This a follow-up for my post yesterday. Read on! My dogs don't bite - unless you mess up with them. Lol. I'm kidding.

Name: Bimbim
Sex: Female
Breed: Pure Japanese Spitz
Color: snow white
Birthdate: June 10, 2009
Weakness: Food, anything that can be munched on
Fear: Bath time!
No. of persons attacked: No Record, yet.
Dominating Trait: Jumpy. The faintest sounds get her. I wonder how will she do during New Year.
Embarrassing Moment: She puked on me and my mother inside the taxi. Ew. I bet the ride had given her headache.
 Instead of getting angry at her, my mom and I felt sorry. From the backride, she went to me and sat on my lap.
And I held her on my chest, thinking that she is in the mood for some cuddling.
Only she would do the deed after a few minutes. We were nearly there on my tita's house when it happened.
So was this a good thing or a bad thing? Good, since we no longer have to wait to stop smelling that stinking substance? Or bad, hope it happened right when we got off the car?

Name: Boomboom
Sex: Male
Breed: Mix of Japanese Spitz and Pomeranian (That's what the one who gave me this dog said, though he wasn't sure.)
Color: Beige to brown
Birthdate: 08-08-08 ! (He was called Jingjing by the original owner since it was during the Beijing Olympics that he first had his first breath of air.)
Weakness: When someone touches Bimbim (he gets really angry) and when he sees this Marco dog, who happens to be our neighbor's dog that he really hates. He goes berserk when he catches a shadow or, in their case, smell the faintest scent of this dog.
They had a duel weeks ago and he got a scar on his upper lip. I wanted to give Marco some MSG for him to die! But that would be cruel and I am not a cruel person; I am a dog lover. And I should love dogs, not only my dogs,
but the others as well. *Breath out*
Fear: my mom. He would hide behind me when he is being scolded for attacking people.
No. of persons attacked: More than the nails on his paws. Yes, he hates some people, especially kids who are teasing him. Actually, he had already
bitten two persons, a boy and a female adult. The mark was identical. Two deep bites on one foot and dripping blood. His bites were consistent.
Luckily, they are okay and they won't be pressing any charges.
Dominating Trait: His being so malambing, that's sweet in English. He is sugary, syrupy and sweet. Just by mere looking into his so round eyes, I already feel that I am a mother and that he is my child. Aww.
Embarrasing Moment: When we laugh at him for a particular thing that he had done. Like when he gets dirty from the walk outside or when we make him wear Bimbim's clothes that are smaller than him. He would just bow his head down, and do nothing. He knows it. He is so smart.

Hope you've enjoyed my entry today. Dogs help take away life's burdens. Go donate a dog from PAWS. More DogBerries to come!


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