Septembirth Day # 1

The sixteenth of September was the day my cousin turned four. Since I can't fly all the way to Laguna to greet her, I made her a picture. Her birthday was celebrated in one of my favorite childhood fastfood chain, Jollibee. Bratz was the theme she liked for her birthday. In her pictorial, she dressed like one, too with all the brigt stripes and leggings. I have to use the stamp tool (one of my fave tools), to erase one member of the Bratz and replace it with the picture of my cousin. Too bad I can't join the fun.

Naomi Keith is her real name and she can talk sense. Here is one of her conversations with her mama.

Naomi: Mama, pahiram ng cellphone, may itetext ako.
Mama: Bakit? Sino ba i-tetext mo?
Naomi: Si Michael Jackson at si Tita Cory.
Mama: Anung itetext mo sa kanila?
Naomi: Tatanunging ko lang kung patay na talga sila.
*Pagkaraan ng ilang araw.
Mama: Nagtext back ba si Michael Jackson at Tita Cory sa'yo?
Naomi: Opo. Patay na raw sila.
*quick laughter*
You'll never know what things you'll hear from children.


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