Velvety Aggravations

Seems like this is the first time that I loathe the pouring rain. Hours have passed since nature's clouds had been saturated and gave in to precipitation. Like hours have passed since I got my neck strained from glancing out the porch window for a sign of my boyfriend.

For the past few months, we barely got to hang out with each other since I'm here and he's there. He's at his hometown, volunteering in their local hospital. Yes, he is a nurse, a registered nurse, in fact. And I'm here in the city doing nothing. Actually, working on my thesis some of the days and reading some of my engineering books, which I haven't religiously read during my college days. That is, when I feel the urge to. And yes, I am an engineer engineering graduate who's trying to get her license. Kind of odd, right? He got the course suited for a lady and I got the course suited for a man, but that just doesn't matter nowadays.

His ticket says he is bound for Manila tomorrow at 5:30 PM. We have twenty-four hours to be with each other, or even less since he had to be in the airport two hours earlier to check in. He'll be spending the night in my house. Oops, no naughty thoughts! My mom's here and there are three minors in the house.

Tomorrow, when the clock strikes 5:30 PM, marks the hour of our downfall. LOL. Kiddin'. We our delving ourselves into a new kind of relationship, which has been controversial for many couples out there -- the Dreaded Long-Distance Relationship.

Seriously, I have the slightest idea of what I feel right now. I am not poignant. Nor sad. Nor depressed. Nor lonesome. Nor irritated. Nor annoyed. Nor disappointed. Nor upset. Nor frustrated. Nor anxious. Nor apprehensive. Nor concerned. If all these are true, then I want to ask myself, why the title?


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