2010 is so gonna be better

Only four more hours and the year of the least significance in my life is about to end. Oh nine was a hard year for me. Gigantic trials in every aspect of my life and I want no elaboration on this, thank you. Yet, it was a year of spiritual development, self-preservation and letting go. But hey, it is about to end so yah yah, nyah nyah, bye '09, I am through with you.

This is gonna be my last post for this year, the birth year of my Orange-peel. Too bad I had none for November due to busy hours with my books and calculator. Haha. I figured I'm gonna do a list of my resolutions , or my happy list for 2010. Resolution sounds so serious, and some things are kinda off. I wanna include some random, little things that may not qualify as resolutions. Hah. And so, here it goes.

  • Insert 'Engr.' before Aiza, officially
  • Get over with my unemployed state and go get a job
  • Blog more and gain more blog friends
  • Take random pictures
  • Fix my hair and grow it ( I miss my long hair!)
  • Lose fat
  • Be really happy on my birthday
  • Be genuinely thirsty for God's love
  • Spend time with relatives
  • Buy gadgets :)
  • Continue raising up the number of dogs in our house
  • Dance
  • Be more opinionated
  • Be the best person that I can be ( I just feel the urge to be good to everybody.)
There you go. Can't wait to work on these!

Start the year right. It's never too late to change for the better. Do whatever makes you happy and never let go of the people who makes you happy. Regrets suck.

For a fab 2010, *clink*.


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