Am glad am Smart!

I'm on SmartBro Unlisurf 200 for 2h,10m,29s now. And I am so glad I've tried this service. And I've come to visit their site and I spotted my credits:

You currently have 12,045 rewards points as of 26/04/2010. Keep on using Smart to earn more rewards points. Reward yourself for being Smart!

Whew. And my reward?

I'll avail it later. Nice, huh?

And another great news from Smart is their WiFi Package -- Unlimited WiFi valid for 7 days for only Php150. I'm not sure on how it works, doesn't have any info on it. I'm gonna try it after my Unlisurf expires.

You can try it too. Send UNLISURF 200 to 2200. Have fun!


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