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Actual Alert Public Geo Earthquake Past Unknown Likely U.S. Geological Survey
EQ 4.9 Iloilo, Panay, Philippines - PRELIMINARY REPORT

An earthquake with magnitude 4.9 occurred near Iloilo, Panay, Philippines at 15:19:34.33 UTC
on Jul 11, 2009. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.) EventTime=2009-07-11T15:19:34+00:00 Version=7
Depth=52.0 km (32.3 miles)
HorizontalError=12.7 km
VerticalError=19.0 km
MinDistance=492.4 km
RMSTimeError=1.32 seconds
AzimuthalGap=51 degrees 59 miles (95 km) SSW of Iloilo, Panay, Philippines; 74 miles (119 km) SW of Bacolod, Negros, Philippines; 89 miles (142 km) WNW of Dumaguete, Negros, Philippines; 334 miles (537 km) SSE of MANILA, Philippines 9.926,122.148 0.0


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