Major, major bus fiasco

Last Tuesday, when my colleague left me on a bar beside some local hotel and while my other friend was having an pre-interview on one of the huts outside, I was left sitting and alone on the first table from the door. 
Two Americans were chilling on the bar across me. Four Chinese men on the farther end of the bar were gulping down their drinks while conversing in their native tongue. A bunch of Koreans were, oh well, drinking beer and being merry. And I was alone with my transparent blue bag.
News about the tragic bus hostage taking was blasting out of the television. And I felt bad for the people in the bus. For the hostage taker’s family. For the family of the tourists who lost their loved ones. For the woman survivor who lost her husband and two kids. For the Philippines and Hong Kong. I don’t know exactly how I feel for the hostage taker.
I was wondering how the foreigners in the bar took the news. Wish I had the power of the policeman from Heroes so I could stop wondering and start going through their thoughts. 
Eavesdropping is an art that I have quite perfected, but it seems that this place has jammed my powers. All I heard were phrases….
watched the news last night… would you ride the bus…. lack of security… it’s the f****** media… cheap negotiation… could have distracted the suspect… smash the windows… *I heard a lot of the F word.
Yes, they hated the incident, but I wish they won’t take this against us. It’s a huge mistake done by a Filipino. And I guess it also happens in other countries, not just here in the Philippines. And yes, the media and the policemen did their respective jobs (not so) greatly.
Everybody can pick up at least a thing from this incident like try talking to someone before doing something horrible and if you are sure you wanna do that horrible thing, talk to God first. I am sure you’ll change your mind. Everybody, directly involved or not, has something to learn from this story. We all have something to learn from every incident that happens. And sometimes, we have to learn the horrible way.


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