Friday Nights are Good

What supposedly is a girls' night out turned out to be a Bowling Night at Eagle Ridge with random officemates who are not, at the time, super busy. And they are not just office mates. They are those who call the meetings and do some serious decision-making. You know what I mean. Here's a picture at Eagle Ridge while bowling. I'm not in the picture since I was the one who took it. That's the bad thing when you have a camera. You don't get to shoot yourself. And if ever you have your picture taken, it can be blurry or crappy.

It was a fun, quick night. I only had two turns to bowl. The first try? My two shots, or throw, or whatever the bowling term is, headed straight to the canals -- left and right. They were heavy and I'm still not used with the finger orientation. I inserted my thumb, pointing and middle finger, and this was a wrong way to bowl. They said I should use my thumb, middle finger and ring finger. The right orientation feels really awkward. My second try got better. I had pinned down all but two pins. Yay for me! During my second blow, the pink ball just got close to the two pins, but never too close. Bummer.

Moments after, I noticed that the tip of the nail on my thumb turned white. It chipped! My nails were too long to bowl. So I learned my lesson:

Don't ever go bowling without having your nails cut.

And oh, by the way. I came prepared with dotted slip ons and rice-terraces-colored nails. (Seriously, they are named rice terraces. They are Pinoy made nail color. I'll take a picture of them when I get home to Laguna to let you know that I ain't joking.) When you plan to go bowling, always bring socks or slip ons like the one below. 

After bowling for one hour, we went to Microbar, the bar beside Microtel. We had dinner, took pictures and had fun. And guess what? After searching for my perfect Red Iced Tea, I found it! I fell in love with Red Iced Tea back in my hometown in a resto at Smallville named... I forgot. A delish red syrup is added to the iced tea for a nice taste and color. Unfortunately, when the resto closed, I never had the chance to sip the heavenly liquid again. When I order Red Iced Tea in other restos, they're like the old boring iced tea. But last night, I was reunited with my love again.

Next time, this bonding session should include more people, more time and more fun. Looking forward to the next MDE bonding!


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