Today was *heart*

Hey hey hey! :) I had fuun today! :)
  • movie date with the boyfriend. The Tourist. The movie and the storyline is fascinating. I hate the fact that the boyfriend again guessed the twist of the movie and some scenes. He always does that, guess every movie’s ending. He’s just so smart sometimes. Well, most of the time. But hey, I guessed a line, too. “Because I love him” is equivalent to “Because I’m in love with him”, aight? Angelina J is soooo skinny.
  • I bought a leash for Php 30, sticky notes for Php 20 and a sunny yellow bucket for Php 50. Yay!
  • I went to mass. It’s the Feast of Sto. Nino today. People were carrying the little boy’s statue and have made him carry lollipops, candies and other kiddie food. Too bad I don’t have my GE X5 with me. Some have placed the statues on their trikes and have tied plastics full of candies around the vehicles’ roofs.
  • After hearing mass, I passed by a boutique, but good thing I went back and went inside! :D It’s like the 101 Boutique in Laguna. Blouses, bags and the likes from outside the country. *Drool* Anyways, I bought 5 pieces of clothing, sports clothes at that. Hah. For my outfit every TTh when we play Ultimate Frisbee. Wee! I love racerbacks! I’m gonna post the pics by and by.

  • I have to walk home because there’ no jeepneys. There’s a procession for Baby Jesus and so I went with the crowd. They are raising the statues up and make them dance to the beat of the leading marching band. Back in my hometown, these processions are solemn with the praying of the rosary on the background. That’s why I found this procession weird as Nobody and Paparazzi were the band’s music. I was like *huh*?

That’s all! Am gonna do some articles. I promised to finish five this weekend. Business is my key to happiness. Now that I’m not dating so often due to LDR.


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