A Full Saturday Only Happens Occasionally

This day started out perfect, with his voice the first one I've heard. He finally called. :] I told him I miss talking to him and he called me the next day. As I got up from my air bed, I think some air followed my feet -- I felt like floating. Then, I remembered what keeps me happy at home in a Saturday, the internet! I crept in on the other bedroom to power up the router. I hurriedly turned on my company laptop (since it's faster than my own), but I didn't see the glorious blue bubble, which means no internet! It's as if the clouds on my feet parted ways and I end up falling into a deep trench.

The absence of internet on a Saturday will slowly kill me. So, I mentally arranged my itinerary for the day. I still have articles due so, I included the mall in the list. There's free wifi there and I could sit inside the Global Pinoy Center the whole day. My day's kinda loong and there were numerous things that occurred in my so called Saturday life, so I'm gonna do the bullet, okay.

  • Dropped by Racquetta's because my classmate, M told me they saw my housemate, A in there. Asked me why I did not come with. I haven't coz it was an intimate badmintion session for A coz she has her mum and some guy with her. Hmm. I took some pictures of M and C, my other classmate while they were on their badminton clinic. Post the shots soon tomorrow. M and I exchanged life updates for a while.
  • I finally got the dried squid that the boyfriend's mom sent me. :D I always like his family. Got to text his sister, too. The two young ladies are graduating, one from high school and one from elementary. I will eat all that squid by myself. Haha.
  • Finished 6 boring articles today! That's a record for me. I'm thinking of resigning from my job, but I'm sad to leave my employer. He doesn't fire me even if my articles are late for like 2 days. I want to try the hourly data entry because I'm seeing bigger checks in there.
  • Ate Chicken Joy for breakfast. Cheeseburger, fries and watermelon float for lunch and Mozarella Cheese Pizza for dinner. I'm really stuffing myself up with unhealthy food. :[
  • Bought a laptop bag. Wee, because my good old green one is giving up. The zipper's broke and the part on the handle is shredding off. It's embarrassing to use it in the office already. I had a hard time deciding for the perfect bag. I usually buy a thing when I can feel my heart jump by the moment I saw it. Too bad, I chose the purple Mickey bag. Absolutely loved the interior. The Hawk's kinda nice. I'm so guilty because I've been talking to the Hawk salesperson for quite some time and I went back twice. But I didn't buy it. :[ I wanted to buy the Hawk because Kuya was too nice. :[ But I would be sad if I haven't bought the purple bag. :[ Hay. Life decisions are so hard sometimes.
  • Did some groceries! Bought different hair products. My hair is so ugly that I want to buy quality hair products, but I don't think there's any difference. My hair's so thin. I want to have my hair rebonded, but maybe it'll be thinner by the end of the chemical jing a ling. 
  • Bought Cheetos Cheese Puffs. Yum. :]
  • Somebody from work talked to me via facebook about my blog. He said monetizing my blog was cool. :D We exchanged links! I like his blog, too. He also went to the same university I did, but we knew all about it when we met at work.
  • And I guess the fear of knowing that other people read my mind through my blog has been addressed. People from work knew that I have a blog and they keep on talking about it when I'm there. Can't help but blush sometimes, but hey I've published them online, and being embarrassed about doing the thing wouldn't make sense. Whenever they talk about the specifics that they've found out about me in my blog, I would only reply, "Don't forget to click my ads!". Haha.
  • I've seen a lengthy comment on one of my Triond articles and it made me happy someone is reading my post. And that my thoughts have triggered some emotion. She told me that because of my post, she regretted she took up nursing. Said she wished she has taken up ECE instead. :[ I didn't mean for my post to make her feel that way, but she sounded so happy in her comment with all the smileys and stuff. Here's my article: 
She is Loud for Love
That's all folks. :] It's past two.  


  1. Can I ask for some squids? just kidding :-)I love Cheetos too.

    That is too much stuff. You have all the energy to do a lot of things. Hawk bags for laptops are very good but expensive.

    Glad you had a great weekend and I wish I could have more energy like you.

  2. Sure, you can have a piece. ;)

    Yes, Hawk bags are expensive! I bought one for my camera. I have to because nothing else fits.

    I had a busy Saturday because our internet connection is broken! :[ Haven't even uploaded the pictures. I will next time.

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