I Used To Be Vain 01

When I was younger, I used to take photos of myself using my cellphone/my Canon camera and edit it on Photoshop. I had the time, patience and passion to do that. See my edited picture? I have to open my Friendster account to get them. I'll post one a week to remind me how thin I was. For inspiration, mostly.

This was taken October '08 during my date with the boyfriend. We were eating at KFC. Funny how I remembered the details.

What urged me to do this post thread are the edited pictures of my young friends in facebook, particularly the boyfriend's younger sister. She's in high school and is in love with photo editing. :]

I want to be young again and be obsessed with cameras, shoes, clothes, picnik, photoshop and ultimate crushes. Ahh, I must be getting older. 


  1. I want to be young again too like the "teen days". Not because of the days but because of the things that I wanted to do. Friendster, hmmm Oh, you gave me the idea to go back there and look what are the pictures I posted.

  2. I wanted the very same thing. School, the boyfriend, and friends are much more fun to deal with. Yep, Friendster has kept my memories. You should try it, too. :]


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