What Kept Me Busy for the Past Weeks

I was unable to update my blogs for almost two weeks just because my internet connection had some technical problems. It's out of my control that their allocated frequency got stuck. Good thing they have fixed or else, I would have transferred to the other network. And what's even better is that I was able to spare myself from getting angry at my internet provider because I was so busy with work.

I was bestowed with great responsibilities during my company's technical symposium *Ugh* And I have a project due the following week. *Double ugh* I got through the first one. I hope/believe/trust that I would be able to get through the second. *Cross fingers & Deep breaths*

Here's the part when I am going to tell what happened to me during the week.

What I meant when I said I was bestowed with great responsibilities:

 No, I did not present a paper. I was the emcee for the afternoon session. It was a looong, fun and rich experience for me. I always thought that I am not a great public speaker, but hey I was chosen to host the important event of my company. I really haven't enjoyed being on stage, speaking until the last part of the program. I want not to narrate my emceeing experiences again in here. You can read my entry about it here:

What do you think after reading? Did you think I suck? :P Anyway, after the afternoon full of talking and joking around, I have to change and entertain the crowd once again. Our hips grooved to Rihanna's Shut Up and Drive. The theme for the event was Cars and Racing, so we chose that music. I was planning to do away with the cap and pink sneakers. I wanted to wear my pink-and-gold heels, but since my three ladies wanted old school hip hop look, I gave in.


We did the Drill Dance from Michael Jackson's This Is It Show before and after the Shut Up and Drive. And we have to learn the dance through the YouTube Instructional Video. We were able to patch it all up, eventually, after many this-is-how-I-perceived-the-move conversations. We took off the cap during the Shut Up part. The Shut Up chorus did not play, so we headed to the back for the Drill, but after a few seconds, it began to play again. So, we went back up and did the chorus. The mistake produced a dramatic effect.

 During the practice days, I thought our dance is going to be a tragic comedy, but I guess it was the other way around. They did enjoy our dance and we got their full attention. Haha. This dance was a great experience. I used to perform a lot of dances back then, but this was the only dance that has the crowd cheering. And there was no stage or platform or whatever. Dancing for this crowd was enjoyable.

These were after-the-dance shots, but I like the last one best. Cool, huh? My friend took it. 

After the dance, there's the socials.

With Frisbuds!


People from the same group except the one with a bow tie.


With one of the bosses and my teammates, Mimay and Lea. Lea got to sing five songs: Need You Now, Fast Car, Happy, Where Is the Love and I forgot the other one. She has an amazing voice. Who says engineers can't be pretty?

Our Product Lines. Amazing people. Traveled all the way from our company's other sites.

I even get to talk and dance with one of our Product Lines.

I'm looking forward to one of these gathering in the future. I enjoy dressing up, socializing, sharing innovative ideas, talking to my colleagues things other than work and being the center of attention.  Cheers to success, engineering and chunky pink sandals. :D


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