The Dame is on Vacay Mode

Two nights left and my life will be back to its boring, normal state on a town that is far from being urbane. I am just so sad that I am leaving my hometown, which has economically grew in an impressive pace.

Starbucks has just opened and I haven't had the chance to visit it since my schedule is kind of tight. Back in my worktown, there's none. You have to go to the next city to enjoy a cup. But I heard Starbucks will be brewing there soon. I haven't visited my favorite restos and I happened to daydream about going to Dulgies, Allan's, Tatoy's, Al Dente, Peppy Thai weeks ago. This is so depressing. I love my hometown!

And I haven't partied out yet. Hope tomorrow's gonna be a blast. I still don't have something to wear tomorrow night. But I still have to go to my relative's province, which is an hour or two away from where we live. All this time, I have been visiting families and playing with my dogs.

My birthday is old school fun -- spent it with the family (close ones and extended ones). Maybe I should do a day-to-day vacay diary? I will ;) Stay tuned. The only thing that's stopping me is my laptop, it's pretty slow. :(( I get discouraged from uploading pictures and picniking them. Argh. I really need that 2GB RAM. 

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