I need a summer vacay

I knew I'd landed on Vigan before I finished taking a female network quiz,

What local vacation spot suits your personality?

My officemates had been to Vigan months ago, but I wasn't able to come because I was still financially challenged back then. I always wanted to go to Vigan. I want to have some pictures taken. I hope I can go there soon with some great, funky friends.

I wanted a camera back then for keeping keepsakes of my everyday passions. I wanted to have a camera because I want to document my future travels. But now that I do have one, a single out-of-town trip hasn't taken place.

Blame my work and responsibilities. :[


  1. I am also dying to go in Vigan because I want to see the old houses however one friend told me that there's nothing different. So I opt for another place. Maybe I'll try it next time.


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