Frenemies Are Like Vampires -- They Suck the Energy Out of You

I'm on a high today because: (1) we watched Fast and the Furious 5 (More than Awesome!!!) and (2) I bought Melon Cucumber cologne, which used to be my scent back in high school. However, I can't help but feel sad for people who seem to sugar-coat trash talk me in front of my face. Well, maybe they just can't accept that I am this awesome. *Joke*.

I don't know what their problem is, but it's really getting annoying and I don't like it when I'm annoyed and I don't like facing them either. I am doing nothing that would be of harm to them. Actually we're friends acquaintances, but I'm getting the gut feel that we're becoming frenemies. I don't care if they read my blog. Maybe they wouldn't understand what I am talking about just because they don't understand the way I talk. I have taken their awkward comments for months now, but I just shrug it off. They would normally/had:

  • Disapprove of my leisurely activities, including the people that I am doing these activities with. I just think it's unfair to judge people and to label with awful comments while everybody else is listening.
  • Talked against my mother just because my profile picture is me, wearing white sunglasses in a vintage one-piece suit in the beach and that picture received well, a number of likes.
  • Tell my boss 'comments' that she claims came from me that could well, normally, alter my boss' impression of me.
  • Orders around.
  • Always compares her/himself with other people.
  • Comment that I am not busy with work, while she's super busy. She probably doesn't know the phrase, "Minding Your Own Business".
  • Comment/Care about my lipstick shade and tell me that I'm maarte. (Sheesh)
  • Mention my being a Cum Laude back in college like all the time and tell me that I ought to do the hardest job.
  • Remarked that maybe I bought my recognition with cash. (So, did I pay off my being Valedictorian, too?) And said that I probably got the award because I write and speak well. Looks like this person implies that I'm well, dumb.

The list could go on.

In short, they underestimate me. Well, I have been through this eversince the world began. I was just ignored during my highschool Science Camp because I was aloof, until they assigned me some tasks and they think I'm pretty good at it. A college classmate told me that he thought I was a shallow, make-up type, girly kind of student ("just like the Tourism students") when we were in Freshmen. And he said he was wrong. My jokes are taken against me, like when I play dumb, they really think I am. (So, maybe I do suck at joking.)

Then, I thought to myself, why not look at the bright side of things? This must mean that I am too hot to be smart. Haha. *Strong winds. Increasing ear size.* Seriously, though, these comments can pull my day's energy down and might initiate me to go blab about mt strengths and might force me to explain my side to them, but I chose not to because I certainly know that I don't have to. Let their thoughts be. But I would never stop myself from doing my best, looking good and staying happy.

As they say,

You can never please everybody.
Instead, I can surround myself with people who boost my ego and give me positive vibes. Just like this person who told me to ignore Frenemy # 3. And a bunch of officemates who have warned me things about Frenemy # 2.

Nevertheless, I would have to face these people everyday at work and work with them normally. I take their disturbing comments as compliments. I just don't see the point why would those things come out of their mouths and why do they have to say those to other people. What are their motives? Their foreheads have been marked and it's hard to give them my full trust. I just don't feel like telling them anything anymore because I know that they'll take them negatively. I just feel disappointed everytime I do something with the purest intention, just to learn that they've taken it as negative acts.

No matter what their motives are, I am still going to be me. I am going to do the things I love, spend time with people I want to be with, dress the way I want, post any (decent and cute) picture in Facebook, enjoy life, cut back the negative emotions or deeds and be happy.

The best revenge is happiness, coz nothing drives people more crazy then seeing someone actually living a good life. -@JDior_

It's not exactly revenge, but I chose to live a good life!

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