Yoghurt, Books and SPF 35's

Hearing Mass

Hey hey, it's a Sunday and I'm kinda okay. I attended the mass in the morning, because I had lots to do for the day. I went with my cousins and aunt and we always love the homily that the priest in their local church says.

Today, the gospel powerpoint (yes, he prepares one. And it's effective.) title is "A whistle in the Market." The thought is about how you identify the voice of Your God amidst a noisy crowd. The noisy crowd can be the evils of today, a.k.a. social media influence, which can be a little negative sometimes, okay, most of the time. To keep hearing the right voice, we should learn to let go of the useless voices that mess up with our life and our religious belief.

I might be making a weekly post, What-God-Told-Me-Today Sundays, huh? Hmmm. Well, I will!

How to be God's Little Princess

I had this idea of making religious posts every week since last year, when I got hold of my purple Bible [read my previous entry about it]. However, I don't know what hinders me to do them. I would like to consider it as a blessing that I finally received the free book from BookSneeze, How to be God's Little Princess. I finished the whole book this weekend. Well, almost all of it anyway. I do find the book boring because, it was made for younger girls. But I still can relate to some points. Got to have a separate blog post about it, aside from the formal book review that I have to make about it. Excited to do one. Well, maybe tomorrow. It's kind of late already. After doing the review, I will be asking for a new book. *yay!*

Pool Waves 

As much as I hate spending my time on other things aside form blogging (and sleeping) during weekends, I still decided to go home earlier and go to a resort. It's the birthday of my friend's boyfriend. We're all college mates. It was a short-lived fun. We hit the different kinds of pool and did the slide. I have to hold on to the sides so that I wouldn't slide off fast. I hate rides, though I am not afraid of heights. I just don't like them. In case you're wondering, slides and rides have something in common. And so I consider slides, a form of rides. We took some pictures, ate and talked and laughed and talked.

Yoghurt and Reese's

When I got older, that's the time when my sweet tooth becomes active. I bought Reese's Ice Cream, ate some and left it with my cousins and aunt to finish. It was only 800 ml. It tastes okay. Bought it because I wanted to try it since last week. I wanted to resist the fats that comes along with it. And now, I am eating yoghurt. Healthy, huh? There's two of them and I picked the Strawberry flavored one. All the induced sweet particles in my body are being counterattacked by my excessive water intake. I wouldn't barter water for any beverage. I love H2O.

Blogging Life

Well, BC Bloggers is back! Wee. Read my post about it here. I have been waiting for it so that I can find audience for my blogs. I'm hoping for the best. My other blogs are quiet. I should fill them in with more posts. Now, that I am blogging more actively, I have comments coming in from new readers and I intend to keep it that way. :] My earning online blog got deactivated from YouSayToo. :[ I'm still finding out why.

Crazy Idea

I want to have a Masteral's Degree! Yes, I realized this while trotting down UP Los Banos earlier this morning after mass. My cousins and I were making our way to 7Eleven to buy food (the Reese Ice Cream) when I felt the student aura hit me. I missed it. The course that I want to take is Communication Arts, Major in Writing. I want to trigger the writer in me, to discover who I really am and what I am capable of. Now that I am older, I knew what I want to do with the rest of my life. However, my desired second course is very far from my college degree -- ECE. xD So, I guess it'll remain as a crazy idea. For now.

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