A Lalalala Post

I love day offs! Technically, it's not my day off. I just had the day for myself since my night will be allotted for work. I'm gonna do the graveyard shift tonight because I need to get things going and it is not possible during the day.

I woke up at 12. On a Friday. Yay. Just like my weekend morning routine. And I go online. A co-worker video called me. And I plugged in my yellow webcam, proud for them to see my messed up morning face and unruly hair. Haha. They were eating and my stomach lurched. My last meal was my 8pm dinner. They said we'll meet up at a nearby mall to go grab some lunch.

Lunch was a good kind of different. We ate at this cafe called Altimira's Place, which was situated in the center of the mall. They have lighted candles on a black holder as center tables. They have magazines, which I instantly grabbed even before we made our orders. I am a sucker for magazines.

Their meals were a little more expensive than I thought and as I looked at their menu pictures on their bar, I knew why. It was very well presented. Too bad my camera phone has low quality. This makes me want to buy Samsung Galaxy Ace soon. Personal wants and needs play bad when you still have other responsibilities to attend too. Sigh. Anyway, my coworkers have decent phones so I"ll borrow their pictures and post it here in my next entry. I'd love to captivate my dining experiences a little bit less than too much. This too much would make me want to be a food blogger.

Then they left and I have to go to SM across the street to buy some personal things. I like using my SM Advantage Card. I bought hair conditioner, hair weekly treatment, Vitamin E, Overnight Pimple Gel (because I'm going to be in nightshift mode), Milk for women, Yakult, some biscuits, the White Dove (I should have bought the pink one to get 10 points for my card, but I  failed. The pink word printed on the piece of paper, unfortunately, did not caught my eye. :[ ), toothpaste, etc. Can't believe one plastic bag made my card a thousand pesos poorer. Tsk.

Then I went home. I'm fond of wandering around alone; it makes me think and it ignites topics that I can write about. Like the last time when I went to work, a perfect story unfolded in front of my eyes, but I still haven't written it down yet. I wanted to have a writer-friendly phone so I can type in my writer thoughts when I'm in the mall, in the jeepney, in a party, or anywhere. I want portables. Makes my life more convenient. When I'm walking alone and these thoughts come barging into my head, a part of me affirms that I am a writer, indeed. I'd like to be alone and think. And people at work think that I'm boring and going to be an old maid. The one who sat beside me in the shuttle bus last night even told me that I oversleep on weekends because my lovelife is zero. Haha. :)

And then there's me, happy and inspired everyday. It must have been the blogging, the Bible, the enormous me time that I have and the slow realization of my dreams that makes me feel the way I feel these days. Lalalala. :) And I've got a lot to blog about. Watch out for these:

  • Going gaga over Jamich 
  • The-way-my-friend-sees-me blog entry my offline, now online friend made me. I'm gonna do a reply post soon. I was all smiles while reading it. For the meantime, you can read her entry: Artist-A
  • Be-Kinder Little Acts (I thought about this when I was walking earlier.)
  • Why Bad Days Happen (This is the great story that formed in my head while I commuted to work months ago, the one that I was talking about in this post.)
That's all for now. I'm going to bed. Again. Have a great weekend!

Post Script. And oh yeah, I remembered. People from my department are going to party this weekend. And I can't go. Why? Because I'm going to work. Argh. But that's okay. I'll party as soon as this project is through. 

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