Raindrops Keep Falling on My Umbrella

I missed this feeling -- raindrops kissing my bare hands and falling to the exposed surface of my feet. My black doll shoes and the bottom part of my jeans were soaking wet. A part of my hair had her share. But I didn't mind. A downpour of a heavy rain always gets me. To set the mood, click this first:

Rainy nights + Me in pajamas + Unlimited internet access = Me in a blissful state

So, during adorned moments like this, I usually caught myself:

  • in dreamland
  • dreaming about my dreams
  • giving in to my creative fluids
  • scribbling a journal entry
  • thinking of my dogs
  • wanting to be surrounded by soft, oversized pillows
  • tracing the marshmallows in my late chocolate drink with my eyes
  • curling up with a good read
  • scribbling/doodling lots in my blue diary (with a fine corrugated-cover)
  • inspired to make more out of my life
  • reading the bible or my daily manna
  • just listening to the raindrops on the GI corrugated roof sheets and staring at the ceiling
Ahh, it's just a magical feeling. I bet you also had your moment inside your room while the flowers outside greet the rain with their bright smiles. This is a perfect way of ending my day, and starting the good night sleep. 

My day at work is a little more than fine. I bought tickets for my mom. Yes, Cebu Pacific seats are on sale. However, I haven't bought the zero-fares which are scheduled from September to October, if I remembered them correctly. I still don't have a credit card. Bummer. But I am planning to go home to go get my precious dogs. 

*** My roommate just barged into the room. She's all wet. She bathe in the rain. Haha. See how powerful the rain can be. It can trigger a lot of emotions inside us.

Back to my day evaluation. Work wise, I have finished a portion of my work, though I still have something to do tomorrow which requires me to ask permission from a superior from another department. Interacting with  other people slows me down. I am a teamplayer, but I function more if I do something alone, with advice and guidance from others, of course. I can't understand (or I refuse to understand things) when I am around other people. Before I deal with them, I need to study that particular subject first. My evaluation of myself: I have poor social skills. 

Maybe because of I am an only child. That explains it. I get so used to being alone with my thoughts. But, as what I have observed, writers prefer their alone time. It's when they fabricate their masterpiece. I even have a quote about it from my article, A Lazy Afternoon After I Spent 24 Hours in The Workplace:

Writers never get bored when they are alone -- it's the ultimate opportunity for a masterpiece.

That's another story though. Here, read my explanation here:

I make myself believe that I am destined to be a great writer (or blogger, the least). Aren't these enough proof:

My creative space in the net -- book/writing blog.

My Triond Page. I write about stuff I know, perky news, some tutorials, etc.

Factoidz page. I use my serious tone in my articles here. :]

Hope you can read some of my articles in there. ;) So much for the rain-triggered drama, gotta catch some sleep while the clouds still send its cries for me. Chilly night, sisters. 

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