The Start of My Fondness for Karaoke and Immediate Splurging

Two days ago, I splurged. And I felt a little less guilty because they were all worth it. I never knew there were discounts until I handed them over to the cashier for payment. And this was one of life's simple surprises. Discounts were at a little less than 50%. Good deal, huh?

So, these are what I bought.

Yes, this is my idea of shopping. No fancy clothes because for the next weeks, I am going to be so busy at work. And yes, more books. Books that lay on the floor beside my air bed. Books which I don't get to read. Yet. I'm just too busy with work now. :( I don't have time for my passions.

The Dame's Shopping made her room a little crowded because of:
  1. The Darwin Awards Next Evolution, Chlorinating the Gene Pool. This sounds like a boring book, but me wants it. Now, I am not fond of novels and classics and chic flicks anymore. I am now more inclined to anything goes, diary-type, life documentary type of books. That is, if you know what I mean. :D 
  2. Writing Tools, 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer. I have found myself buying writing books. I am convinced that I can make something out of my writing habit and I wanted to develop it and make it edgy and a little bit more professional. That's why, I'm reading more books. I need to read novels soon though. After I finish a bunch of books (on sale) that are lounging on my bedside. Upon seeing the price tag of Php500, I started contemplating with myself whether to buy the book or not. I even mentioned it to my mother, who happened to be texting me at that exact moment. She said I should treat myself sometimes, and so that answered it. I am giving up a week's grocery for a single book. I thought of it as my investment, as what Rebecca Bloomwood tells herself everytime she swipes her credit card until the maximum limit is well, exceeded. I'm not transforming into a shopaholic. No, am not.
  3. Pants from Jewel. Originally, it sells for Php1,200+. I had no plans of buying when I went to the mall last Sunday, but I found myself inside the fitting room with three garments. Maximum is two, right? But, oh well. I bought (skip 4, proceed to 5).
  4. Three Biofresh Antimicrobial Socks from the Department Store in the shades of pink, blue and violet. I need socks at work since we have these special shoes that we should wear if we do something technical and boring and hard and discouraging. Okay, I'll stop. If I bought three separate socks at Php80 each, then I would not be able to save Php20. After all, they're still socks and a bonus is that they're antimicrobial. Not that I have athlete's foot (defensive ah), but it seems these socks are more hygienic. 
  5. A Dark Pink Vintage Shirt and a
  6. White Pringles Vintage Shirt along. Well, everything looked cute and so me and I thought they would make nice working clothes, so I bought all three over to the counter. I was already estimating my bill when they said the pants are discounted. Fifty percent. Yay, that made me giddy and made me want to buy the starry necklace to fill in the discount gap. But, thank goodness, I stopped myself. 
That's it. While I was shopping, I saw my college classmates. We were supposed to have dinner since it's G's birthday, but I said I couldn't make it since I have work tomorrow. Told you I was busy. But I saw them and they saw me and I froze. Uh-oh. 

So, I have to go. :( I didn't have time to rest. Anyway, I ended up sleeping at 4 in the morning (Play Gwen Stefani's song here.). And I bought clothes over and went directly to work. I was tired, but not sleepy. Sleep deprivation causes less longing for sleep, I must say. What I learned from the party?

  • Bad luck do happen. After finding a temporary high. 
  • Sometimes, this bad luck is worth it. I got to catch up with good old friends.

  • I am such a loner. They all live in that village. And I am here, a trike and jeepney ride away from them.
  • Boracay Rum is not for me. Hated the taste of coffee with alcohol. 

  • Tanduay Ice set on top of a blue-lit bar would want to make you drink the sweet smelling, hazy liquid.
  • My college classmates are really moving towards the late 20's life. Their boyfriends do stay over on their houses. And I'm someone who dates the laptop after work. Tsk.
  • Catch up with your friends regularly. Failing in doing so consumes 1 hour of your 4-hour sleeping time before your 12-hour overtime work.
  • A grilled catfish can actually bribe me to come over.

  • Singing karaoke isn't that bad at all. I sang for them for the first time. And the song was Linger by The Cranberries.

  • Closing Time is the official ending song of every karaoke party. 
  • That's all for now. 
And my classmate (the birthday boy) gave me this:

I loved the book! You should have seen my face when he handed it to me after we all decided to get a good night sleep. My bored books have additional company. It's supposed to be me who'll give him a gift, but it's the other way around. I'm kinda shy I haven't bought something to the party, not even a bottle of wine. Maybe next time. If you're wondering why he gave me a book, he owed me something because of some random things. 

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