X Men First Class: A Movie Review of Some Sort

Heya, everyone. My Saturday plan of staying at home was completely destroyed after J posted on my fb wall to watch Xmen First class with her and the others. So, yeah, I ditched my Saturday with my lappies for Wendy's mushroom burger melt, Xmen movie and Shakey's Chicken, Pizza and Salad. Fast food has ruined my eating habits. I want to be thin, yet I eat these.

Xmen was an A-okay movie. Loved the effects, how Beast's hand-like foot changed into a normal one and how the chemical enhanced his mutated form. Story was also good (though I'm not very knowledgeable of the whole Xmen comic story). Didn't know Magneto and Professor X were friends. I liked Angel's powers though; she's like an evil Tinkerbell. I like the sound from her flapping wings and her ability to fire fireballs from her mouth. I'm also glad the Alex didn't die, he is cute. And I like it the relieved look on the faces of the Americans and Russians when the missiles exploded in the air instead of coming back at them. The captains have said their goodbyes to their men. And I like the powers of the crystal lady. And I hate my short-term memory loss. I liked a certain quote in the movie. It's something like this:

Girl CIA Agent: All I remembered were the trees.. and some ***(sunlight??) and the kiss.
 Co-CIA Agent: **** That's why women shouldn't be in CIA.

I tried to google it, but I was disappointed. It's not included in the Xmen First Class Memorable Quotes. Guess nobody's too girly (who watched the movie) to remember that quote. I've said the line during our dinner at Shakey's! And I forgot it after like 30 mins. Sigh. I do have a bad memory.

All in all, the movie was fine. I still haven't watched Pirates of the Caribbean and Kung Fu Panda. Harry Potter's up this July, but wasn't able to see the sixth movie. Too bad. Maybe I'll watch it before I'll go see the last one. But I've read all the seven books. And Twilight's on November! I've seen shots form the movie, but the staff were pleading fans not to spread them. I loved Esme's Isle! The place is perfect. I wasn't able to finish the fourth Twilight book. (I've read the three in pdf copy. Haha.) The Twilight story is shallow, and so is the book, but I loved how Edward seemed to be the perfect boyfriend. I was a hopeless romantic back then. And I like Bella's clothes and vulnerability.

Okay, got to go. I have to write more articles. I'm sad my article isn't published at Factoidz yet. :( Got to make another one.

Remember, Mutant. and Proud.

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