Brunch With Mom at The French Baker

I wanted a gourmet meal for my mother, who has visited me here in my work town. She is to go back tomorrow to our hometown. We were just on the mall and fastfood was stricken out of my mental list.

The French Baker seemed to be the perfect place for me and her during a gloomy afternoon -- cozy and a little but homey. We checked out the bread section first and I am already salivating. Croissants are my favorite, but I continued to the end of the counter, to where the cooks were busy preparing each dish, making them delectably irresistible for anyone whose eyes caught a glimpse of it. 

Upon seeing what the chef placed on the top of the to-be-served-orders-area, I hurriedly walked towards a menu sitting on top of the marbled table and grab it. Picking out what to eat was pretty hard -- all were mouthwatering.


Mom had a Soup Starter. Basically, the Soup Starter is the Soup of the Day with lavash bread crackers and  It was creamy and savory, a great way to start the food tripping.

I had a Chili Con Carne sausage bun. It's just a sandwich bun with an authentic sausage, topped with a thick, chili meat and bean sauce. The nacho chips on the side are an added bonus. They're superb! The tomatoes and lettuce, however, aren't on their best. They lack some freshness.

Mom also ordered this 6 cereal tuna sandwich. A generous serving of tuna squeezed between two whole wheat bread slices greet her with much energy. Potato chips come along with the serving.


She ordered Mint Lemonade and I had a Brewed Iced Tea. The former reminded me of mouthwash. The sliced lemon and herb garnish in the beverage added sophistication to an ordinary sip.


Details are important for me. They're not trivial at all, they do add an oomph to something. Their placemat is a fragile paper with brown prints of different versions of the Eiffel tower. Cute. Repetitive, almost similar designs spell vintage.


The circles and the vectors -- chic, plain and simple.

Background Story: Okay, this must be weird for you, but I was always fascinated of how the comfort room sex signs can reveal the overall theme of the restaurant. I wanted to start a photo blog all about it, but that's a different story.


The dame says, 

5 out of 5 sporks

What the dame loved best: The nachos!
What the dame kind of disliked: Okay, none until mom said that..

Mom: I did not like it in there, *Dame*. 
Dame: Huh? Why?
Mom: The vegies weren't that fresh. 
Dame: Oh, okay. 
(They were not, but I did not eat them anyway, because I was busy with the nachos.)

The French Baker
ug/f SM City Dasmarinas, Governor's Drive, 
Pala-Pala, Dasmarinas, Cavite;
tel: 046-423-3051

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