Giving In to Life's Desires

I'm thinning out! I can feel less fat in my stomach. My pants have put a stop in pushing my stomach and hip fat in. And now, I am sitting comfortably in my denim cut off shorts. Amazing. And I thought fats wouldn't leave my body anymore.

Today was unexpected. It's my day off and as soon as my just-awaken system digested the news, I was up. Ima hit the mall, I thought to myself. And watch HP! Yay. But I got hooked on some online things and I have to go get my washed clothes so I was kind of late for the HP movie. The next time slots were kind of late already and Transformers only had a morning schedule. Bummer.

The two other movies were local: Temptation Island and some Adventure starring Melai. My forehead creased and my mouth moved to the side. I got disappointed a week ago since I haven't seen Monte Carlo. I want to watch a movie was the line that echoed inside my brain while my feet took me away from the cinema mall section.

Temptation Island.

Irk. I can't bare to watch it.

But I want to watch a movie.

Okay, just this once. I'll think of it as my support to Filipino movies. I turned around and hurriedly walked my way to the counter to get my ticket. I gazed around to check that nobody I know from work saw me buying tickets. So there. I watched it. I'll do a movie review after this post. Or not. Because there's nothing to review.

And guess what? I splurged again. I bought:

  • G-tech (0.3) for my diary {I missed writing in those.}
  • A bucket list notebook {My blue notebook is for my random ideas.}
  • An ordinary ballpen {For work. I lost my other one.}
  • A Year in High Heels by Camilla Morton {Yay, another book. This time, not from a booksale.}

Try this book too:

I am thinking of these things as an investment for my future career, an excuse that I have gotten from Miss Becky Bloomwood. *wink*

And, oh here's a picture of the McDo pink can that I promised.

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