I'm Walking On Sunshine. NOT.

I was happy last night since I was able to solve some work problem.

But just tonight, another problem came up. My work life is a complete mess that I want to leave it all behind, lie on my airbed and sleep till noon the next day. However, I cannot do that. I need to pay some bills. and I have a work reputation to keep.

But it's getting heavier to get up in the mornings, knowing that I have to face work in a few hours. Is this some sign for me to quit my job? I'm just... exhausted. drained. sad. controlled. restricted. 

Anyways, I keep find helplessly grab things that could make me happy. Like this Snickers Peanut Butter Square, which I did not eat an hour ago when my housemate gave it to me. I wanted to take a picture of it for you to see.

(pick ups phone. positions Snickers on the mouse pad. Click. There you go. Connect Bluetooth with laptop. Error. Oops. Nevermind. My other laptop is a an aged turtle.)

And after attempting to send the picture from my phone via bluetooth, I'm too lazy to get my battery charger for my camera. So, you are not going to see the picture today. I'll put it here tomorrow. 

Another little thing that kept me happy is the pink can glass I got from McDonalds during my night off. It's cute. I can't take a picture of it now due to extreme slackness. 

I am not myself. Since I have unfinished work. Which I thought would be finished by this week. But no, it's impossible. I want to leave and find myself another life set-up. Ugh.

That's my tweet. And oh, if you want to follow me on twitter, sure thing. If not, it's okay, make me more sad. Kidding. It's okay. Seriously. 

I want a horsed Romeo (or Tucson-ed {the car, Tucson} Romeo) to come pick me up from my world, bring me into his world and make me a queen or a maid. That's alright with me. As long as I find an escape from all this mess. And I am getting fat. Just for today, I finished up the already half Twix chocolate bar, munched up on my housemate's Sour Cream Pringles and now, I'm about to eat this Snickers Peanut Butter bar. Stress, sho sho. Somebody's about to tip the scale.

-And I took a bite on my Snickers. Yum! Temporary bliss. I love Snickers! :) And I remembered a friend from college who always picks up a petty fights on me. Have done nothing to him. So I gave him the cold shoulder whenever his superficiality sinks in. Then after some time, he'll say we better forget about it and he'll give me three Snickers bar. So, I really don't mind if he does that. Haha.

Uh-kay. Snickers digested. Back to my sickened world. :(

My sorrow made me sign up for formspring. You can ask me anything through that box. I've seen the app ages ago, but wasn't really interested. But I wanted to give it a try tonight since I want to keep my mind off things. It's on my right sidebar if you'd like to try. Or you could visit my formspring and ask me there instead.

I'm a distressed damsel in ruffled skirts and ballet flats.

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