I'm Walking On Sunshine

And it's nighttime. And it pours a little outside.

Still, I am glowing. I'm seeing an end point on my project after worrying about it for about a month now. See, earlier I acted like Little Miss Bitter and I was ranting on the boyfriend. Told him I would quit my job real soon. Just because I can't get something right.

But then, encouragements slash positive work pressure from somebody pushed me and had kicked my lazy butt and I forced my brain to work. I destroyed, well, some work stuff, supposedly doing something. I was like a hopeless robot in a trance. Until I forced my brain to work.

And I did a little something,which told me to check on something that might cause the epic fail and I did. And then, like a thunderbolt, it hit me. So, I changed what I had to and viola, everything's working. Smoothly. Yay!

And me so proud. And happy and encouraged and determined. Determined to get this over with so I can have my life back. Weee! I am hoping for my lovely life to come back by next week. I am so seeing the sunset while I step out of the bus again.

And when I checked my inbox, someone mailed me about advertising on my blog. I was so excited upon reading it. It was dated 8 days ago! Aw, the sender must've thought that I am uninterested, but I am. I hope they'll reply soon. They pay! I searched the internet (as usual, I'm a stalker, investigator, inquirer, etc., especially when it comes to online stuff. With the bloggers and forums, you can definitely avoid a scam.) and I found niche bloggers who have been emailed by the same err, company. And they pay!

I am crossing my fingers. I hope they'll contact me again. :)

I hope my work is through this week. I'll do my bestest! So that, I can focus on being a slacker/blogger/writer/daydreamer again.

And yeah, I lost my ID and it has my food money. But I don't care, my project is okay! I definitely will put on some eyeliner for my next picture. Hah.

Post Script: Sorry for being vague. I don't want to give out specifics about my work -- both online and offline.  :}

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