{Post} Birthday Wishlist: A Girls Talk Meme

My age already has plussed one a couple of months ago, but I still want to do another birthday wishlist for this meme:

And besides, I have started a Dream Thing Entry last night, but I haven't finished my entire list. So here it goes.

  • Official Moving out of my mom and dogs. I want them to come live here with me. It would entail a fat check and empty cards, but I'm willing to do it. :) One of my reasons for finding cash online.
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace. As I've mentioned in my previous post.
  • Sony Nex-3 or Nex-5. Because I want crisp pictures.
  • A credit card. Somebody called me and asked for personal details through my office phone number. And I gave it all away without thinking. I was just thrilled to hear the words, credit card application. Hmm. But after the call, I was kind of worried about the whole thing. She was an entire stranger and I just gave away personal details! How clueless and trusting of me. Do you guys heard of Timesasia? If you have, please share some insightful thoughts about the company. Maybe I should not pursue it, huh? And besides, my friend J and I agreed that we're going to apply for Metrobank. Why? They allow you to design your own card! And it's pretty cool. Know more about this Metrobank feature. I still have the faintest idea about their charges and rules, etc. All I know is I want a personalized credit card.
  • An e-book reader! I'm reunited with my old love -- reading! I've been to book sales for n times this month and my books are stacking beside my bed, unread. I still don't have enough time. :( Kindle. Nook. Sony. Anything. :) As long as it's white. 
  • Time. I need time to discover what I'm really passionate about in life. I want to make a living out of it. Unfortunately, I don't know how to start. But I'm getting there. :) I want to be free and chase my dreams while I'm still young. 
Hoping to find more blogging friends through Girls Talk.  :}

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