Self-Appreciation Night

If I'll hand you a piece of plain, white shirt, what words will you want it to contain?

Mine? Big eyes.

You must think I am weird again, but let me tell you what inspired me to do this post.

I have just finished watching Glee Season 2 on etc. Yes, we have etc! And yes, we do have a telly already!

Side Story. Mom had it on a cargo trip, alongside with her flight. Smooth transaction and she had the TV stand packed with the tv. Moms are just incredible.

So, where were we? On tonight's Glee epi. The epi focused on the weakness slash dark, hidden secrets of each and every character. Quinn used to be a fat kid. She was so fat that finding a lab partner proved to be a difficult task. But, now, when you look at her, she is this sexy blonde with the beautiful eyes and great nose. She was called Lucy Caboosey back then. When she started to do ballet and had a nose job, everything changed. Just like Nam in Crazy Little Thing Called Love, huh?

I don't want to delve into the story since I am no gleek, but if you'd want a run down on it you can read the Born This Way Glee Episode here. Here is a summary of their "white shirt words":

Mike: "Can't Sing"
Finn: "Can't Dance"
Tina: "Brown Eyes"
Quinn: "Lucy Caboosey"
Sam: "Trouty Mouth"
Artie: "Four Eyes"
Kurt: "Likes Boys"
Rachel: "Nose"
Santana: "Lebanese"
Brittany: "I'm With Stoopid" (Arrow Up)
Puck: "I'm With Stupid" (Arrow Down)
Mr Shue: "Butt chin"
Mercedes: "No Weave"
Lauren: "Bad Attitude"
Emma: "OCD" (obsessive compulsive disorder)

They have performed Lady Gaga's Born This Way during the finale with their Born This Way shirts on. It was a humble performance. After all, we all have flaws. This is a great epi. There also was this Somewhere Only We Know Performance. It was serene and tense at the same time, just like the song. And I remembered a little something about the song.

*In a whispher* I sung this song to the boyf while playing the piano. Hah. And I don't normally sing. It was wayyy wayyy back, but I felt great. When I play, and/or when I sing and play, I do it alone. But that time, I wanted somebody to hear me.

Anyway, back to my Born This Way Shirt. It would be the plain white shirt with the words, Big Eyes. Because I do have big, brown eyes and I got teased about them when I was in elementary. I hated my classmates, I think I was bullied for some time. But the phase passed. Everyone had a name.

Look at this:

Lol. See? But I've learned to accept that now. I can play with eyeliners, eyelash curlers and mascara with them. 

So, what does your Born This Way Shirt say?

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