Simple Joys in my Rocky Road Days

Rocky roads, I swear, will never bring me down. I'll think of them as ice cream sundaes instead.

Quick recap of my day(s):
  • I just received a notification in my inbox that Blogging for Books (a site which gives out free books, yes, e-books only) is now accepting bloggers outside of US. Yay! I left my email with them so they can notify me when this miracle will happen. And now is that brilliant day. I am receiving free ebooks. And I am once again adding review to my Barnes and Noble account. Woho! :)
  • Adobe Digital Edition is a sweet creation. It allows you to download and read in elegant style the e-book that you were given. These permissions are granted so you can't read a copy on an Adobe 8. It looks great and I have seen a thumbnail of a chick flick on the bottom. Free download? Yay! Next time.
  • Now, I still have two books up for review. One for BookSneeze, one for Blogging for Books. Good luck to me. They're both inspirational and they suit my present days.
  • A close friend, S, texted me. Said she was with our high school friends. :( And I am missing out. They're off in Rockwell while I am stuck in my company shuttle. Tsk. I should get a life, eh? Mister D is going to Spain to study. Wow, talk about an amazing, exciting, culture rich life. A part of me want to be a lost girl in a new city. Sounds fun.
  • Work is a foreign word in my apartment. Enough said. I was about to rant. 
  • A bunch of friends were planning on this little something that could change our lives forever. Well, the move is quite interesting. Educational. An improvement. Self-discovery. An opportunity. A would be life saver, if ever. A future back up. The Plan B. Sorry, I'm being vague again. xD
  • I haven't watched MonteCarlo. Or Transformers 3. I'll make sure I can watch HP! I am such a loser. Loser. I hate being busy.
  • I am engrossed with the mantra, "Know your passion and make a living out of it." And for once in my life, the practical Jane wants to be bold and adventurous, spontaneous, free and effing happy. I am out to find a life that I want to live. (Thanks to the internet, inspiration books/stories, StumbleUpon and success stories.) I am starting to realize that my months are going away with me doing nothing, but a bunch of pointless blog posts, some articles, my project, and work. Families? Haven't seen them for a while? Boyfriend? Texted him once a day. Dogs? Never played with them for like forever. Going out? Not one. 
  • The most positive thing that have happened to me because of these busy bee days: I lost some weight! And my pants aren't that tight and my cheekbones are showing up again. But my hair? Stressed. My room? A mess.
  • The writing sites are being *effed* up. Triond is giving low payouts and Factoidz seem to be a scam. I don't know if I want to continue writing with them anymore. Next move? Build my blogs? Instead of writing for them and having the Google Adsense earnings split, I can build my own empire, right? Uh, wrong. 
  • Another saying to live by: Don't catch the eggs before they hatch. And wait, we had this conversation weeks ago (with officemates) on how chickens multiply. Do they mate? Because they said all you have to do is feed the chicken with this certain kind of feed and they'll produce eggs. Eh? Haven't seen chickens make love. Lol.
  • I just want to chill, even for a while. Ugh. I want to extend my nights on the apartment. Haven't got my alone time for a loong time. And mom sent me a horoscope again. Weird, but my horoscopes actually do have some connections with what is really going on in my life. Here it is and I don't know what it means. It must be the vague thing that I was talking about some bullets ago. 
Don't let feelings get in the way of a good decision. Your productivity will falter if you take on too much or overreact to what's going on around. Charm and diplomacy will be your saving grace.

T_T It's about my career. I don't know what good decision this is. There's two that I can think of. I don't know which. And I do falter with my work now. I think too much and gets discouraged. Maybe because I'm really not into what I'm doing. I often daydream when attending seminars. And I had a hard time going back. Tsk. Charm? Just like what a friend said about me, I'm like a damsel attracting help, even when I'm not asking for it or even if I don't need it. Not that I don't like it.

Me, telling myself everything will turn out right soon. And that He'll help me. 

So, I'm off. I can't sleep. I will just read. The ebooks, remember? Nite. Wish the stardust fall down your eyelids and make you dream of a sweet one.

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