Discovered a Great Cellphone Plan in Straight Talk

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Now that I have a new phone, I want a cellphone postpaid plan that will cater to everything you need. Once in a while, I have to call a friend, text subscribers from other network and do international calling. You know very well why I need to do the latter. 

However, in doing so, I don't want to stash all my cash. That's what my mom always tell me. Be practical. And I better should since mom knows best. The boyf said he has to pay $75 for a month long of unlimited texting. Now that is expensive. I wanted to tell him about a great plan that I have discovered on the internet -- Straight Talk cellphone plans. 

With Straight Talk, one will be only charged $45 for unlimited texting, calling, picture messaging and web surfing. This will be good for a month. Their offer is really cheaper. The same service can be enjoyed for a year at a better price. If one will avail of the yearly subscription from Straight Talk, then he only has to pay $499. You can actually save $41. The feature of their plan that I love the most is the International Long Distance Calling. You can call anywhere, anytime at a really low price. 

This Straight Talk Phone Plan is available on Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola and Kyocera selected phones. Believe me Hook, line and sinker, it's everything you need. See testimonial below.


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