Another Long Weekend, Please?

The long weekend is over. Bummer.

But I have done a couple of things:
  • Finished reading The Darwin Awards Next Evolution. Book review coming soon in `Fiercer Bait.

  • Ate at a secret place in Los Baños with family. Will write/talk about it in Gastronomicca.
  • Rode a trolley! The seat with wheels. A transportation means through the riles (Train tracks). You just have to pay Php10 per head. Guess I'll do a separate post for that. Stay tuned! :)
  • Met up with my high school friend, S! We haven't seen each other for like more than a year now. It was fun talking to her about random stuff. We found a book, "Why Men Marry Bitches" and "Why Men Love Bitches". And we read several reasons why and I have to agree with the author. Men just don't like clingy girls. S is an expert at that (but she's no B). I mean, she is like a man-hater. The fear of not having a boyfriend until now does not intimidate her. She's pretty and sexy and smart; boys are well, not good enough for her. I hope she'll find her match someday. She needs to be in the gene pool. We wanted to buy the book for ourselves and for our other girl friends, who might need the book. But it's close to Php600. The books have to wait. The met up made me felt like a woman. I mean, I haven't had a girl bonding moment since forever. The people I'm with nowadays are my co workers and well, they are mostly boys. Nothing could beat having a girl friend. 
  • Bought books! Two actually, different purchase dates, different stores. One from Booksale and one from NBS. They're Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris and The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clarke. The former I bought because of the cover style. Love it! The latter I bought because I feel in love with the way the author wrote it. *Dreamy eyes* I wouldn't have discovered the 2nd book it if S showed up earlier. 

  • But I feel sad. Haven't defended a friend. :( Haters are gonna hate, but we ought to give them a tough fight, better yet, not give them attention at all. However, I have to confess, the mean things they say can send daggers to your heart. I just don't get the point why they need to say such things. Come on, I think they should just mind their own thing. Haters. Pft. I love the girl that the hater picked on. She is sweet, intelligent and brave. She doesn't need to be treated like that. 
Now, if you'll excuse me. I have to read a few pages. :) I have tons of book reviews and product reviews to do, but I need to take a peek at my new collection. Nite.

Oh! And I forgot to tell you that I opened up a Pinterest account and got hooked. It's like a grown up tumblr. It has categories. Yay. :) Thanks to mayen and Sey for the influence. Lol. :)

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