Gumbo: Saturday Lunch with Officemates

This lunch out happened months ago when we got our bonuses. A bunch of people from work, some who happen to be my neighbors, and I decided to go out and eat. So, Gumbo gave us a taste of New Orleans. Upon entering, you can see that it is a busy place -- a birthday on a table nearby, a double date between Pinay-foreigner lovers and waiters in colorful hats. With the hat variety, I had a hard time fingering what the resto theme really is.

It was kind of late for lunch, so choosing the food was rushed. It's a bit pricey in there, though.


They served us two loaves of bread with some clear dip, which I have no idea of what it was. The bread taste delicious, not ordinary. 

But that didn't serve as our only appetizer. We also had Steamed Pacific Clams. I like how the taste of garlic butter sauce, tomatoes and the chopped green onions played with my tongue.

These are my favorite! Coco Mozzarella  Sticks. I love the golden brown coconut breading and the pomodor sauce. I have to take a quick picture of it before everyone can take one. 

We ordered two pastas. The first one is Sicilian Favorite -- penne pasta, cooked in vodka. It has andouille sausage, basil and tomatoes in Creole seasoning. Parmesan cheese on top for the finish. I wasn't that entertained with the taste though.

Our second pasta is the plain old Spaghetti with Meatballs, which was tossed in pomodoro sauce. It's pure beef meatballs plus, parmesan cheese and chopped parsley in one plate. 

The main course is nothing surprising -- Cajun Fried Chicken with plain rice. The chicken, coated with seasoned mix, was also marinated with Cajun spices, hence the name. 

Main course II -- Cajun Fried Chicken, this time with java rice. Java rice lures me more than the plain rice. It's because the colors orange and red triggers our appetite. I've read that somewhere.


That is no wine, just cold cola. Blurred my face's friend. Hehe. He's a blogger, too, by the way.


You can actually see the chef works from where you sit. That's to ensure the customers of the sanitary precautions that the resto have implemented, I guess.

Ceiling lights. Cute? The little secluded room at the back was way cuter. I wanted to eat there, but all the tables are taken. It's like a mini living room with books and antique details.


Gumbo comfort room signs are definitely one of my favorites. Look how Jane Austen-y the door paintings look. :)


Overall, I want to give Gumbo 

4.75 out of 5 sporks
*imagine a 3/4 spoon on the rightmost portion

What I love most: the food presentation, the comfort room signs, and the effort of the waiters to look more entertaining, the mozzarella sticks
What I wish they would do: I'm no food expert, but the taste is kind of bland for most dishes. Or maybe I just can't appreciate New Orlean style pasta. Hope they would reinvent the dish to make it more appealing to Pinoy taste. 

A Taste of New Orleans
2/F, Entertainment Mall
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 556-0238

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