Cheap Thrills Come Easy

Simple things that make my heart leap and my day brighter:

 Hearing an old song sang in an entirely different way. Take this for instance.

You didn't click on it? You should! Definitely. Right now. 

 Singing in front of several people though it's not your thing
 Gaining a new perspective on things
 Knowing somebody will always just be there no matter what
 Saying no without ending up doing the yes-things
 Watching TV Shows {The New Girl, Gossip Girl, The Secret Circle, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries} in my bedroom with the lights off
 Riding the jeepney with your newly purchased books
 Finally feeling the desire to work
 Night jogging while listening to Yuck's Shook Down 
 Taking chances 
 Singing happy songs on YouTube together
 Being happy that you'd like to do everyone around you good things
 ME time
 Keeping calm and choosing happiness instead
 His words 
My child, if you become wise, I will be very happy. I will be proud when I hear you speaking words of wisdom. 
Proverbs 23:13 

May our blog thoughts make our Creator proud. :)

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