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Jan 11, 2012

LED Lights and the Overrated Love

One reason why I love blogging is because I can immerse myself into my fandoms and experience temporary bliss and extraordinary high. Yay! Fandom blabbing will start in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

My body has an excess of oxytoxins, the love hormone. Scratch a guy from the scene. I have to acknowledge music, my girly fandoms and other couples for this one. If you want to know how to stay in love even if you are single, then just e-mail me. We have a lot of talking to do. I am contagious. :)

LED lights! My obsession with LED lights, aside from having the light sources as an integral part of our thesis (we designed a solar LED street lamp), has heightened since I got hooked into tumblr. There are just plenty of cute, romantic, relaxing pictures of LED or christmas lights that are placed everywhere.

On Trees

On Made up Tents

On bicycles

On headboards

And apparently, even on couples #lolthisissocutethatiwanttohavemyownversion 
Here's my own version of the lights-near-bed mania.

Next up, The Weepies. I have been listening to them way back years ago. It all started when I heard their 'Somebody Loved' single in ETC during a Valentine special. I have to know the title of the song, I told myself and I'm lucky I did. Searched the lyrics and viola, I found them. Bingo.

Their songs have magic. Maybe because they were made out of love by a couple who's so into each other and into each other's interests.

There they are. The Weepies. The music-slash-love-obsessed real life singer-songwriter couple, Deb Talan and Steve Tannen. I find Indie pop music easy to love. 

I fell in love with them the second time when I heard one of their more recent songs, Be My Thrill. Here, listen. 

Be my Thrill
by The Weepies

Be my thrillMy little white pillMy unpaid billThe one who will
Be my loveMy little grey doveMy push and my shoveMy heaven above
And we tumble down like Jack and JillAnd I miss all of the joy you killBut I love you still
Be my thrillBe my oneMy day in the sunMy little pop gunThe best thing I've done
Be my whatMy open and shutMy everything butMy little hot slut
And we tumble down like Jack and JillAnd I miss all of the joy you killBut I love you still
[ From: ]
Be my thrillEvery morning is like the one beforeAnd Everybody needs someone to adore
I'm counting on youOh oh baby say you willOh oh baby be my thrill
Be my youthMy kissing boothMy little sweet toothMy beauty and truth
Be my thrillMy little white pillMy wait up untilThe one who will
And we tumble down like Jack and JillAnd I miss all of the joy you killBut I love you still
Be my thrillAnd we tumble down like Jack and JillAnd I miss all of the joy you killBut I love you stillBe my thrillYeah I love you stillBe my thrill

I'm more in love with the second stanza. You? 
If you feel like it's already Valentine's here in my space, just let it be and be one with me. It's a nice feeling to be in cloud 9 with life. My passions are back and so am I. Also, I'm back to reading. I swear to read Jane Austen's classics. And I'm starting with Pride and Prejudice. No wonder He made me want to experience such a mundane life phase. 

Hope you had a warm, fuzzy feeling in your chest while reading this post. And hope you have thought of your special someone. Treat them right and love them with all you've got, k?

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