My Day this Saturday

Awkwardness went dancing in the air as I was descending our apartment staircase about an hour ago. I caught my first glimpse of my housemate who was watching a movie on his laptop on our living room.

Uhhh. We talked earlier on tweeter. (Yes, thanks to technology, we don't have to see face to face though we're under one roof.)

Then, he said

Uh - oh. Then, I said

And, I added.

Lol. I just need the ME time. Sorry, maybe we can watch the Chipmunks or Underworld next week or on Monday. Whichever flick I didn't watch.

I want to be alone. I swear I can be forever alone. Haha. Because because... Errr, I don't know. I mean, I was totally okay before that d*** phone call. I can smile. I am not expecting anything from him. Text. Call, anything. I am skipping happily alone in my life. 

Then, he told me to take him back. 

He told me words that I love/yearn/need to hear with his perfect, now almost Canadian slang. 

*world stopping, rose petals raining on me, lips slowly forming a smile, boarding Cloud 9

Okay. But, I was still composed. You know, playing the tough, independent, dont-call-me-baby chick until he called. 

I heard his voice. And the rest is history. xD tsk.

But, I wish I didn't give in. Didn't break my beloved walls around me. I threw away all the hard work that I oh-so deserved. Now, I am kind of starting from scratch again. But, I know I can get through this easily. I just thought that he and I were perfect. He used to tell me this. But, I don't know. Guess not everyone is given the chance to marry the loves of their lives. 

Then, I found this on my tumblr dashboard. 


If you made it to this line, thank you very much. *Hugs* I figured talking about my true feelings through vague sentences wouldn't allow me to blog sincerely. I've recently read a sincere post about a break up on one of my online friend's blog and that kinda inspired me to write this. 

Some girls close to me are currently experiencing their own break ups and I am kind of relieved to being able to connect with them. And they're all so lovely, beautiful girls (who did the right thing by breaking up with jerks) -- my blogger friend, Jess of the New Girl, Lucy of Dating Rules from my future self and Aria of Pretty Little Liars. Haha, I know most are fictional characters, but I don't care. :)

Now, off to check out the new restos in the newly renovated SM. Haven't had brunch or lunch and it's 2 PM already. I'm going to be ok, I'm Miss Brightside, remember?   

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