Striped Straws and Happiness

Home, I missed you. I've been sleeping in the wee hours of the morning since Monday. Bad. Now, I had to get home by commuting, no matter what it takes. I have to blog. =D

Anyway, I had a judging stint earlier. It was nothing serious, kinda informal, but I did enjoy it. A different department was having their Wellness Program and they wanted me to judge the cheering yadda and the Miss Fitness. Lasted for like twenty minutes only, but it was kinda fun.

Told ya, I'm taking Chuck Bass's Rule to Happiness: Just Say Yes. I'm up for anything this year. :) Let's drink to that.


And, I have something to tell you. I'm kinda infatuated with my work again. You know, the new department. Well, it's a refreshing start of the year. New department. New teammates. New project. New challenges. New cube. New cubemates. Yes, everything's new, except for my laptop. *sob

I am just kind of inspired/worried/pressured/excited/scared with my new work because of the things they say, but I am not letting it all inside my head. It's nice to be surrounded by technical people. I kinda relate to most of the things that they say and I learn a lot everyday. And I'm doing my own research and my passion for work was rekindled. :) My new teammates are welcoming. I got acquainted with them (though I'm from a different department) since last year because of my housemate, P. Is this a good start? I believe it is. Wish me luck.

And, false happiness can be real chameleons. Watch out for those fake, happy sources. I thought I was happy with a recent incident for the past few days only to find out that it only brings me temporary bliss. Loneliness and some cocktails of fake emotions were like running through my veins. So, I am activating my Katherine Pierce instincts once again. Shutting out my emotions a.k.a. ditch the emo girl lurking inside of me. Unhealthy? I can tell.

But, I wanna be happy. Genuinely happy. So, I'm doing my own thing, focusing on my career, listening to my type of music and letting His will unfold in my life. :)

My glass will never run out of positivity. So, clink glasses with me. ;}

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