Yadu: Own a Bag That is Styled Just for You

My popularist blogger friend and work mate ignited the Yagu Bag craze on me and on our other work mates. He discovered this bag sanctuary when he and his bro were nibbling on some pizza somewhere in Makati. Told me most of the designs was so me. Images of my pretty, irritating face would pop up daw everytime he picks up a wallet and gaze up on the hanged bags.

He just can't stop fussing over how cute the bags are and how rewarding the shopping experience is since each creation is unique. Yes, each one was specially made for their rightful owner, the one destined to be the sole owner of a carefully woven, recycled piece of treasure.

Brace yourself for total cuteness!

This is the store front. I love the homey feel of the store -- the scratched wooden doors. It's just like visiting your cheery aunt, knowing you'll spend the afternoon talking about cross stitch and baking cookies over banana pancakes and coffee. 

Probably by now you already know that I am a sucker for details. So imagine my delight when I saw this bicycle inside. Makes me want to live a simple life by the hills, fetch cold bottled milks everyday by this bike. 

They sell accessories, too! But, I haven't bought one. I already own one similar pair. Bought it while I was in  my hometown last year. 

And they have a mini library beside the cozy sofa in the ground floor. We thought that this book was wicked so we wanted our pictures taken with it. 

And they even have a guest book. Coffee-stained. I should know. Used to do that to my high school projects back then. 

And here are some of the bags for sale. My heart skips a beat when I saw the two bags on the left. They were options, but I wanted to get something that I can use casually during lazy afternoons when I get to meet up with my friends. The ragged old rose Sachi (reversible shopping bag) was kinda big and distracting, but it is charming, nonetheless. And the denim backpack spells cute, but it would be too cute for a twenty-something curly-haired lady, eh?

Here's a ring full of wallets, which are made from different scraps of fabrics. I had a hard time picking up the right one for me. Each is special and unique and sometimes, I like the front fabric, but hate one of the insert fabrics.

This pink, frilly, floral large wallet has me written all over it. I mean, if I were a wallet, I would be this one. However, it was kind of over my budget, so I have to ditch it. *Sob. And I like how my nail polish hue blend with it. Plain dainty. 

We, four, bought bags and wallets. Don't you love them? The moment I have caught a glimpse of the velvety pink-and-black zebra stripe, I fell in love. I buy things when my heart skips two heartbeats. That is myself telling me that I really really like that piece.

And here's me with my purchased bag, Isavara and wallet, Janavi. Yes, they do have names. Credit goes to Yadu. Their bags have names, I'm not kidding. And by the time of our purchase, there's a 40% off on the items. The move was to help the Sendong victims. Ten percent of the total shares went to donation. Saving Mother Earth and helping our brothers and sisters, no wonder Yadu is making it big. They are doing a difference.

Yadu: Life is a happening -- Carry on.

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