Happiness Faucets

This is the first ever BC Bloggers Meme! Yay for Paula and for the rest of the BC Bloggers. I am so sad that I wasn't able to submit my suggestions (when it was me who made the invite letter). I was just so busy with work. If you wanna join in this happy train, just click this thingamajig: ~*~

Anyhow, here are the things that makes me happy! ;) I am a shallow, shallow person so it wouldn't take a LOT to make me smile. As I have once blogged, cheap thrills come easy to me. ;)

Picture credit goes to Pinterest. Chocolates and Tumblr are mine. ;) The tiled pictures say them all. Of course, my happy pills can't be contained within these boxes, I still have Him, my mom, my relatives and my friends to be happy about.

Spread the happiness. ;) I'd like to the Personal Secretary of the Coca Cola's President of Happiness. Hear my plea? I'd be perfect for the job! ;)

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