I Blue Crush You Too

Summer's over and June creeps in. The year is half-over and I still didn't get to travel and have fun. ;( The gang's planning to go to Sagada, but deep in my heart, I wanna go to Baler and surf and play frisbee. Haha. :) Pft. Come with me?
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Between CONQUER SAGADA and SURFVIVOR BALER, my heart's on the latter one. I should find companions soon. ;) And I vow to try all the tours Travel Factor has to offer. Haha. Adventurous Boyfriend, Lord, grant me one soon. Haha. ;) Life is A Highway. I will ride it all night long. ~Last two sentences, quoted.

Music's too girly? Change tracks to Life is A Highway.

My go-with-the-flow mantra with life condensed and ultimately solidified when I got to watch Blue Crush 2. The storyline's so-so, but the waves, white sands and the cutesy bikinis got me. I wanted to try surfing, but after watching, I vowed to surf this year. But the sad news nobody is up for it. ;( Pft.

Some snapshots from the refreshing movie.

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The details, the scenery and the spirit just made me wanna walk out of my life and be a hippie/surfer chick. Haha. The movie didn't get that much of a positive reviews, but it was enough for me to get out of my current life set up and live someone else's life. Haha. ;)

If somebody would ask me to go to Baler on a random afternoon, I would if I could. Haha. ;) Bawal plano plano. ;)

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