Liberate Yourself, Liberate Others

You need this dose of inspiration, from Marianne Williamson, lovely readers. 

Stumbled upon it in my fb wall. Worth reading. Will pump you up. Today, I have lots of things to be thankful for. I vow to count my blessings instead of ranting out things that I need not even overthink about.

☂ free movie pass from our company (planning to use it for Spiderman next week!)
☂ gift of friends ;)
☂ to the one who invented karaoke (had a blast singing with my crew! got 100 several times. haha. broken scoring algorithm)
☂ gift of new found friends
☂ strength of leaving out the extra baggage that makes our everyday heavier
☂ happy feeling of cheering up someone
realizing that you can control yourself and emotions 
☂ knowing, that in some ways, you have influenced people in doing something that could have a positive effect on them
Marisa de los Santos of Love Walked In {book}
☂ Opening up and compromises with housemates

Sure, there are other things that I have to be thankful for. I have to admit that my life has been lagging for the past few years. Dysfunctional <3life. The effect it has on me. Tsk. My roomie tells me that I need to do something in my life. And she's right. She's a blessing. A superwoman in her own right. Got to hang out with J. Every moment with her is a blast. She's a great dancer. I worship her when she hits the dancefloor. Haha. Got this other J that I am thankful for. Got to rant and rave everything to him. Shared experiences with F. Similar experiences. Haha. Everytime. Glad that she's discovering her inner diva. Met C. Younger girl, but my mentor on life and everything else. Lol. ;) And of course, my super bestfriend, my mom. Haha. ;)

Thank you Lord for these people! My me moths have given me the opportunity to rekindle my passion for life. And my blogger friends have witnessed the transformation. Yay. 

Gathering up the courage to be the usual me, only cooler. Haha. ;) I'd love to radiate my happiness to everyone else and to inspire them in whatever way I can. Cheers! Lord, I am lifting everything up to you as I work on them (career, writing/blogging, family, friends, finances). I will always try and try to get back to You when I lose my way. So, guide me, Father. 

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