Saturday Disc Lovin'

It's been a long long while since we played Ultimate Frisbee! :) So, last Saturday, we just have to give in to this disc lust and off we went to Philippine Navy to re unite with our well-loved sport. 

Before I begin, lemme credit J for the awesome pics. ;)

I look sad/comfortable/constipated. Bwahaha. And the disc is nowhere in sight. 

Frisbelles. We look so cute. I know. I'm still applying sunblock. And oh, I forgot to give J my contri for the skin saving cream. 

Action shots. Why don't I have one? Because maybe I suck?

Practice throws. Water breaks. And everything in between.

Mixed pics. We had fun. We had a pick-up game against the Ultimate Warriors and they were agile and good at the sport. I'm so chicken to play with them. Haha. But I did a block and one forehand. Hahaha. Sucker. :} It was my first-ever pick up game. So, kinda cool.

And, uhm. Uhm. Cute. ;) These two are adorable! <3

Gotta go now. Sorry for the hasty, empty post. I am kinda busy with stuff. We're going to join the Summer League! And I need to buy my very own cleats soon. Maybe this weekend. And some shorts and long socks. Dasca Sports Center, here I come. Hope to find cheap sports items there. ;)

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