Complimentary Tall Starbucks Drink for Me

Last Saturday, I've learned that killing time is also synonymous to gently giving your wallet a heart attack. Because we've got nothing to do on a lazy afternoon (right after sleeping an hour off), we had a sugar lust and headed to the nearest Starbucks. We were supposed to go to Tagaytay, but we decided to keep our strength for the Frisbee tournament the next day. And our heads were still buzzing from last night's partying.

So, there we were in the perfect place, in the perfect time. Chilling out with the friends you're comfortable with plus great food and beverage is a great way of greeting twilight. See our orders below.

(1) Pizza Sausage Roll - Php 95.00; (2) Oatmeal Cookie - Php 50.00; (3) Choco Cream Chip {Tall} - Php 155.00; (4) Dark Mocha {Grande} - Php 175.00; (5) Choco Cream Chip {Grande} - Php 165.00

We felt the need to stay clear of caffeine because of the reasons I have stated above. As usual, the Choco Chip Cream cheered me up. The Pizza Sausage Roll was the best rolls I have tasted in a while. Sausage was stuffed; its juice and the added spices, which have stuck to the inner walls of the Croissant, was a creamy delight. I'd always adored Croissant, my type of bread. Wished I haven't ordered the Oatmeal cookies though since it made my drink taste a little less sweeter.

When my Starbucks barista have finished punching in my orders, she suddenly said, "Congratulations, *Insert my name here*! You are chosen to participate in our customer service survey." And I was wondering why was she so happy about it. I slumped because I kind of detest surveys. When she saw my questioning face, she asked me if I was familiar with the survey and I said I wasn't though I had to catch the embarrassment feathers that keep on popping out of the hat. Totally clueless. So, I learned that I just need to go answer a survey online at, type in my opinions about that particular cafe visit and I get a free tall drink of my choice the next time I visit any Starbucks branch. So, weeee! I felt lucky. I don't usually get free stuff. And I hardly win raffle prizes so imagine my grin. Haha.

I answered the survey as soon as I got home. I need to get that complimentary beverage ID. Receipts in tact in my wallet. And you're not touching it. Haha.

Another close up of our lucky drinks! That survey was indeed for me. Right place (we cancelled Tagaytay). Right time (we spent a few minutes debating where to make tambay). The only frowning factor was the air conditioning that was too cold. We weren't comfortable that we opted to transfer outside. But, I have reflected that in the survey. ;)

Go hit the nearest Starbucks branch. Who knows you might be that random customer that would be receiving a free drink. Another blessing for the week. :)

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