Lord, I Am Counting: A BC Bloggers Meme

Count your blessings instead of sheep, goes a Christmas song by Jose Mari Chan, if I am not mistaken. And even though the Yuletide Season is months away, the BC Bloggers are still counting their blessings.

It's a rather simple activity that can help us ease those relaxed jaws and blew the stress away. Making this a nightly habit would delight our Creator. If we think He's missing out on us just because we can't have what we want, then think again. You must've overlooked the good things that have happened to you today, for the past few weeks or maybe even for the past few years just because we are too busy complaining.

My Lord, I thank Thee for all these.

My Replenishing Thirst for Your Love and Your Words

Last night, I don't know what has gotten into me. I started talking aloud to Him while I was alone in my room and it lasted for like thirty minutes and my heart has so much more to tell. But, I know that He need not hear my spoken thoughts because He clearly knows my every thought, desires, angst, even the tiniest atom in me. I thank You for stumbling upon Jen's blog and for having A as my roomie. I'd like to learn more about tithing and I vow to practice this soon. There are just so many things to learn about You. ;)

Love from Family and Friends

Though I am indecisive and weak, these crazy cool people are with me every step of the way. <3 Need I say more? Yes, the gift of new found friends. And I believe I am getting better in being a worthy friend. I used to be so.. detached with people. Now, I am not. And I get busy with my friends. Now that I am far away from my family.

Ultimate Frisbee and Brand New Cleats

Ultimate Frisbee has been an outlet and an exercise and an adventure. Haha. Though I really don't contribute much to the team, I enjoy running around in circles inside the field as if I am my own team. Haha.

But I always am happy when I earn at least a block in each game. Haha. Maybe I should try to cut and catch some disc soon. I am sooooo chicken to do so because I am afraid of errors. Booyah. Next week. This Sunday. I'll try. The cleats! They cost me much, but they're worth it! :)
K for the pic

Unexpected Free Food and Workmates ;)

Okay, but I am always perked up whenever I see chocolates on my desk. Pasalubong from officemates. Or a plastic bag from McDo. My workmates love me, I know. :) And, I am happy with the move done with my new project. Weee! Why do people love me so much?? Hahaha. Feeler.

Make-Up. Check.

My nightmode face on. Nocturnal mode has been switched on last week and this week. We really need to hasten up with my project if I don't want zits to attack my face again. Boohoo. Last time, when I was alone during my shift, I decided not to put anything on because it'll just be me and the equipment all night long. But this girl C noticed and asked me if I am feeling dizzy. She said I was so pale. Yes, I am naturally pale that's why I need a blush and a tinted gloss. And now, I think I need to buy concealer. My boss told me I have black circles below my eyes. Huhu. Stressed. But I still think the light metallic green eyeliner lits up my face. I have brown eyes. Look closely at the first picture! Okay, Imma shut up. I am vain. Sometimes.

Instant Pays

Just now, a client messaged me via Skype if I can do some graphic design. Being the online earner wanna be, I said yes. I know some Photoshop basics. So, he gave me the task and I did it in less than an hour. Weee. Simple job, I should note. I was coy to say that I would demand for a dollar for the additional request. It was a little low. I am still not familiar with the graphic designers' online fee and I am no professional so I just suggested a lower amount and this client is a good one so that. But, I was happy with it. Hihi. Now, I am wondering if I can do these simple jobs for a living. Haha. I should really pursue on that post grad education I was really exuberant about. 

To be continuously contented with your life, count your blessings, but work on your dreams. ;) As the Bible says, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

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