What to Do When You Share a Love-Hate Relationship with Him/Her/It

It wouldn't be impossible for one not to experience a tormenting, i-love-you-so-much-but-i-hate-you-the-next-minute relationship with a couple of entities, tangible or not, human or not. At least, I am sure women go through this. He/She/It is the ultimate source of your disgust, angst and pain, yet, he/she/it serves as your medication, treatment, or worse, cure. Talk about complications and illogical reasoning.

It is rather human to get through this phase. If he/she/it is something that you dearly love, then you are lucky if it's only a phase. For most, it develops into a permanent set of emotions.

So, what to do if bad luck hits you and fate drags one of these he/she/it trappings into your life? Check out my typography about this dilemma. If this wouldn't work out for you, draft your own!

Click on the picture to view larger version
NOTE: And because it's my first ever life infographic and I am a slacker, I would want to state my correction via plain txt: After Go on with your life, mentally include Then you met him/her or encounter it. Hope it makes sense now. Don't get it? You're such a loser. Ooops, kidding.

Do I need to elaborate? Nope, infographics are not meant to be explained. They are self-sustaining; I just don't know if mine is. Drop comments, questions, corrections and criticisms on my comment box. Thank you.

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