Why My Friday the 13th Ain't Freaky

I could still remember the first time I was told of the tale that was known as Friday the 13th. In fact, I can still recall the snapshot  (which was the canteen cashier, since it was break time) of the vision that my young brain has captured while listening to my classmate blab about how Freddy and Jason invades your dreams when you sleep on Friday the 13th. Okay. I guess I was a little freaked out. Hey I was in elementary.

On how Friday the 13th came to be, I am unsure of. According to superstition, 13 is an unlucky number, signifying irregularity as 12 is the complete number (12 months in a year). And, Friday is an unlucky day. Now, I don't get why Friday is an unlucky day for them. It's my happy day. It's the day when I get to say goodbye to work. At least temporarily. So, two unlucky entities, when combined spells total bad luck. And they say, when 13 people dine in a table during Friday the 13th, one of them is supposed to die. They've associated this to The Last Supper. Jesus died, right? For us? I don't want to further point out the coincidence -- I don't want heresy to be associated with my words, or this blog for that matter.

Anyway, here's why my Friday the 13th is a good one. ;)

Thank you to my ever kind, ever generous workmates. I know they never wanna let me go hungry. Lunch was in Yellow Cab. Ate pizza and ice cream. Grapes from cubemate. Cupcakes from former schoolmate and roommate. Chocolates from a former teammate. Yay! I couldn't be any happier. ;)


The trailer was teasing. I can't wait for more than 60 minutes of pure Channing madness tomorrow! ;) Omigosh, haven't picked out my date dress yet! I wouldn't mind having a stripper boyfriend... if he's Channing. 

via J

Today's Friday night. Oops. It's actually Saturday already. Thirty eight minutes past midnight. Tomorrow's Saturday. J, J, P and E finally found a field! Yay. So off we go tomorrow to practice. I should sleep like right now. Okay, just let me finish this post. 

Invites! From friends and restaurant owners. Woohoo! I have to tick all of them off. Sticking with the yes mantra. I am a yes woman now. There's just too much to do with life. My July weekends are jampacked and half of my August calendar is already full. Want an appointment with me? Book now. Lol. You can reach me through my contact page. Kiddin'!

And, this morning, I had a chitchat with a kuya telling me of his friend who is a product reviewer. Companies usually issue her checks, make her buys stuff like shoes and wait for her review about it. How cool is that? And she would have bonus checks of $4,000.00. My eyes were bulging green with total envy. Haha. Just you wait, universe. I shall attract my luck as an online junkie. Soon. Just you wait. ;)

Earlier, my cutesy, in-lababo friend and former officemate who recently got married (in civil) skyped with me. She ended up asking me to do the invitations and the souvenirs. Being the yes woman that I am, I said yes without thinking in details. Well. I love to do crafts. I love conceptualizing art stuff. My high school classmates used to ask me to doodle their name, do the lettering for the cover page of our project or simply label their notebooks. So, is that enough proof that I am more right-brained? Haha. Guess not. I should start working on this project. Wedding's on December!

J and friends, we better help each other! :) Sooo excited with this new racket.

Somebody told me that he sent me a mail, of which I am a little curious about, but haven't bothered to ask what kind of mail is it. Is it a letter? A package? I guess I'll find out soon, that is, if my Lord allows me to. I had it delivered at home and our apartment is always people free. So, I don't really know if I can get it. Hmmm. I would if He permits me to, if He wants me to. For now, I wouldn't worry about it.

So, how did your Friday the 13th went? Mine was great! Life's surprise boxes keep pouring from morning until tonight, errr until this wee hour in the morning. How sweet of Him? No Friday the 13ths or bad luck can hinder the goodness from Him. <3 I am superstitious, but I am trying not to. I'd like to totally place my life in His hands. =) Whatever His will, it will bound to happen. So, why worry? 

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