Instant Uppers Will Do the Trick

If work isn't giving you the adrenaline rush that it should suppose to, (I mean, we should be thrilled about the job that we have. After all, work is eating up most of our waking hours. For most people, I suppose.) then you should fill your free time and day offs with instant uppers.

Side story: After two years of being a semiconductor slave, I have learned to take my day offs seriously. Rather, I have learned to freely appreciate and enjoy my day offs ever since the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) cascade in our company. It simply gives the employees more freedom to enjoy their lives, their real lives. They'd like to ensure that no forced labor is imposed on us. And if you are rendering overtime work, you have to leave your siggie to signify that that extra job is coming from your heart and not from your boss's directives.

Moving forward. Wanna know mine? Okay, will spill.

Morning Jog. Last Friday, I had my day off. I was up early for some reason and since I didn't want to waste the first hint of sunlight after days of gloomy weather and heavy rains, I celebrated with a jog-sprint-run combo in a nearby cemetery. Seriously. People jog there so I wasn't alone.

Morning Read. Since my book shelf is fastly being filled with unread, half-finished books, I tried bringing a light book on my way to work one day. It's entitled, "Under the Covers and Between the Sheets". Intriguing title. Intriguing content. Will share soon, I promise. It gave my brain its much need morning boost. I felt inspired too.

Morning Coffee. I am no caffeine girl before I worked. However, as I age, I felt that unless caffeine is integrated into my system, I couldn't function in the office as a *insert day job title here*. It's the light purple Nescafe -- Sweet and Mild. Plus the extra creamer. If our canteen caterers are out of this, it's Kopiccino for me. But, I have a hard time mixing the drink up. Should put the mix first before I pour on some hot water next time. But I get lazy so I put in the water first.

That New Party Music. Thanks to my girl, J for the latest music addition. If this song was stored in a CD, then the CD would have overplayed scratches already. It's called How We Do (Party) by Rita Ora. You'll be in a party mood by the first three seconds, I promise. It goes like this

Cause when the sun sets baby

On me avenue
I give that drunk s-x feeling
Yeah, when I’m with you
So put your arms around me baby,
We’re tearing up the town
Cause that’s just how we do
We got that sweet heart loving

Dancing in the dark

And the line that I can ultimately relate to? "It isn't even the weekend". =D Here's the rest of the lyrics.

Rant and Rave Buddies. When I am feeling down, I need somebody to rant to. When I am super ecstatic, I need somebody to share my temporary high with. It's much easier that way. And fun. And comforting. And better. You know. I need cheerleaders, though I can take care of myself. KSP lang pre. ;) And, I need somebody to take in the details of my life. Who knows, somebody might like/need to document my life someday. Make an autobiography of my life. I just want to give out details about me to certain people. In case. Haha! ;)

Among my other uppers are: tumblr, blogging, polyvore, pinterest, checking my blogger mail and picking out a dessert during lunchtime in our cafeteria. Uppers need not to be splendid, they may be ordinary things or activity that makes you feel splendid.

Life isn't that bad, kiddos. If you can't find happiness in where you are right now, look somewhere else. Then, slowly slip into that happy side. ;) Discover your instant uppers and fall in love more with life and the One who bestowed you with it. <3 p="p">

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