Letters and Coffee Stains

Hey, wonderful blog readers. Look at what I have found! A letter. I just don't know how to describe it. I really can't remember how I have stumbled upon this. It could have been the crumpled paper on top of the coffee table inside the cafe that I went into weeks ago. Or the internet. Hmmmm. But, please put in mind that my brain isn't responsible for this piece. Really. Seriously. I didn't write this.



Dear Wonderful Person,

Life threw you into my side of the pool during an unexpected moment, which probably was camouflaging since it was, I deem, one of those moments when I needed someone like you to show up in my barren, yet maze-like life. To fill up my weekends. To share beer mugs or cocktail glasses with. To share the dance floor with. To listen while I narrate my boring and ambitious life list. To make me feel, act, talk, dance, eat more like me.

;) I had a blast and I have actually eaten words that have spilled out of my mouth ages ago, but I don't think I need to elaborate more on that. Karma holds up a mirror and what an effing big mirror it is. The mirror is already enough to poison my entire body, a witch need not come into view.

However, it can't always be all rainbows and carousels. There are unicorns and cancelled work days, too. Kidding. Yup, there are dungeons and dragons. Did the thought scare you? I got carried away by fear and angst for a while, but I realized that dungeons can be lit, filled up with music, booze and turned into an awesome club.. and that dragons can be slayed gorily, but I choose to do it with grace. If I fail, I know I can always count on you... to try to slay them again together or.. to run away together.

So, yeah. Life threw you into my side of the pool and I would have shown the same welcoming grace even if it smacked you right in front of my face. Haha!

Leaving you a trail of cherry knots,
An equally wonderful person ;)

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