Rainy Day Haul

Pitter patter said the raindrops on my rooftops. It's the time of the year once again when the weather makes me feel elated and energized despite the murkiness it brings. Weee! The August winds from Tagaytay blew my hair butterfly kisses every morning as the clear droplets breaks free from the edges of my trusty umbrella and onto my skin or sweater.

Since this would be the scenario of my everyday since weeks ago, I decided to revamp my closet in the least wallet-shocking way. I went to the ukay ukay in Puregold Imus and dig in some items on sale. Ready for my rainy day closet upgrade?


When I saw the stars and sequins, I instantly knew that this is a must-have.

The print style on this jacket remind me of Abercrombie and Fitch. And when I wear this, it makes me look young and highschool-ish so I added it into my basket.

Turtlenecks and plainness and peaches are my things, hence this. A body hugging piece like this would also push me to go play Ab Ripper X.

I wouldn't have picked this out myself, but D, the one who dragged me to this ukay ukay store, showed me this and I wasn't hesitant to try this out. When I wore it, it was so me and it looks cute with shorts so there. 

Uhm, I didn't buy this one because of the fur. Seriously. I would take it off when I wear it. Like the color and the vertical stripes. It would make me look taller and thinner. 

The texture is heavenly soft. I wore this to the office once and I got all the attention all day. Some adjectives that they threw upon me since I entered my cubicle were: carpet, dog, panda, bed sheet, sheep, etc. Best worn with leggings and... boots.

Again, D picked this one out for me. Since I am a sucker for laces and black silhouette cloth on top of a darker cloth (let me know what do fashion people call this one), I bought it. 


This is a really good buy! Hugged my lower frame perfectly. Worn this with the peach turtleneck and they complimented me on my outfit that day. 

I love the length of this pants, perfect for me. However, it's a little big for me that I deemed it needs a repair soon. Comfy denims.

Retroisque. I'd love to expand my wardrobe hence this. It's a yes when I tried it out on in the dressing room. 

There you have it, ladies (and gentlemen if you happen to reach this part of my post). And can you guess the total price that I have paid for this 11-piece ukay haul? Hold your breath because I swear I am up to no good telling the truth. Php 450!!! I am a genius, I know. ;)


I am short on footwear. It's raining and I can't wear my pink sandals because I slip on it all the time when rains pours. I need shoes. Take note, need.

It's a ME time for me yesterday and my heart was fluttering with joy when I was paged to go to the office lobby. I knew it was my cc! Yes, it was my cc when I called to ask why. I decided to try it out that very afternoon. J texted me and I was grateful that she accompanied me. She was one of my shopping gurus and shopping cheerleader. Hehe. ;)

I was supposed to do my groceries and buy one pair of shoes, but...

This denim chunks were the cutest. And when I tried them on, they fit nicely and ate said that it was the last pair. I took it as a sign that this pair was really for me. 

After I tried the denims, my eyes laid down on this cute wedge. I love grey and pink and I thought it wouldn't hurt if I tried this pair out, right? So I did. And guess what? They also fit! And when I turned around to see the price, it's on sale! And, after the saleslady handed me out the other pair, she said that this was the last pair on this style. It's a sign! End of shoe story.

I wonder if the saleslady were trained to say, "It's the last pair, ma'am." just to lure us ladies into taking out our cc's and have them swiped. And credit limited. (Sorry, exaggerating here.)


The story of how Bath & Body Works' Paris and Secret Wonderland become a resident in my bag goes like this. T asked me to accompany her to go buy some hand sanitizer from our officemate. I did and when we got there. You know the story. Ladies. Beauty products on sale. Boom. I picked these out. T was supposed to buy only the hand sanitizers, but I cheered her on to buy a Victoria's Secret perfume. Haha. If I should spend, then she should too. After all, she was the one who lured me into this shopping hole.

Oh no, I was splurging like there's no tomorrow. But, I didn't bought all these in one shot, if you must know. Next shopping will be next year. I wish. My apartment closet is getting a little bit stuffed and I might need to give away my clothes to people who need them. I am shrinking out some of them already.

And, I have read on the internet that this shopping activity actually perks you up and makes you more effective. (Reasons. Reasons.) And they are actually advising little bursts of shopping only, which I happily complied to for the past month. ;) 

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