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Aug 10, 2012

Take Me Here Before I Stop Breathing

We all have that waderlust in us, waiting to come and break free. I mean, who wouldn't want to see what lies on the other part of the world? With the internet, you'll salivate more to trod to places that seem too enticing to you. Right now, I am saving up on what I need to travel. Cc. Check. Time. I'll have it when I need it. Company. Check. Money. Working on it. Maybe next year, I'd let the wanderlust in me break free. ;)


I have fallen in love with Santorini when I first saw it in the movies -- The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and a Tagalog movie starring KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez. If I could have my honeymoon there, I would. 
The nightscape is simply breathtaking, kind of halfway between usual cityscapes and rural towns. The white paint and minimalistic architecture are the trademarks I want to integrate in my own home.

I'd like to sip tea and read a book in one of these homey cafes. Maybe even write my first novel in one of these chairs. 

I could skip along all day on these cobblestone path. I can't seem to decide when this city is the loveliest, dawn, dusk, early afternoon or night. Each time frame has a special aura.


France is one of the most romantic cities in the world and I think I should go there because I am one of the most romantic people of this era. Haha.

I could bike all the streets that I could. And I'd stop by for some cookies and milk when I get hungry.

I wouldn't miss having a long, dreamy look at the Eiffel tower. And I wouldn't let the chance go without climbing it.

I'd watch the movie, Midnight in Paris, in my hotel room when the clock strikes twelve in Paris. I'd have romance and literature explosion right then and there.


Let's go see The Flavian Amphitheatre or The Coliseum. I'm not much of a history freak, but I know what this one is called. Remembered this was one of the backgrounds of one of Olsen twins' movies. Forgot what it was but it was all about being young and in love.

As usual, cafes and restaurants have a special place in my heart. If only I could eat the world. {phrase taken from a book lying on my bedside -- The Man Who Ate the World}

I'd love to have a river cruise in Venice wearing a striped black and white top, black legging, boots and an Italian hat.


The Han River is simply a living legacy which shows that Koreans are creative and peachy people who aren't afraid of who they really are or what they really feel. I have a knack for their unexpected endings, too.

Trees on Autumn mode. I love watching this fiery leaves fall as if each is a stubborn daughter of fire.

I'd go to South Korea so I can wear winter outfits and take photos of cherry blossoms.


I couldn't get enough of South Africe ever since I watched Blue Crush 2. I just want to have the same surf trip as the lead girl. The bummer? I don't know how to surf.. yet. So, I still have a chance. 

This is the life, surf chic style. Think about suntans, aviators, cocktails, the beach, the board, the ocean, fishtail ponytails and the sun. And bikinis. Hah.

Don't know why I itch so much to try out surfing. I am going to ride a board soon! I promise myself.

Clear waters. Could live here forever.

I am no wanderlust -- yet.

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