Quote Unquote: A BC Bloggers Meme

I am a s u c k e r for words.
If you have known me for quite a while now, I need not tell you this.

It is only when I aged that I had cut my f e a r of ever doing anything. I am a risk taker -- on my finances, on l o v e and on the wee hours of Sunday [5-inch heels + alcohol]. However, there's one thing that I get chicken about -- my career.

My dreams make me happy  and scared at the same time. I am too scared that  I refuse to take one step closer to it. I promise I'll make that move one day, when the time is right and when I know exactly what I want & w h e r e I want to be...

You must be sick of my Life List and my get happy posts where I blab and blab about the things I want to have and the things that I wanna do and the places that I wanna go to. Believe me when I say that I am working on it because I am. On most days. I get distracted because I am human. I get chicken for the same reason too. You know what my dream job is? 

House Mom + Fabulous Wife + Writer/Columnist + World's Cutest Mom Chef {in my own kitchen} + Professional Blogger + Graphic Designer + Lifestyle Blogger {foodie, traveler, book reviewer} +Volunteer

I don't have a name for it. Now I believe in this quote. ;)

I have found myself November of last year when I had myself broken. It was a blessing in d i s g u i s e, life's and His mischievous way of making me realize that life is indeed wonderful and there's just too much to do in life and appreciate. And that you can reinvent yourself by being the person that you wish you'd meet. There's just too many feelings to feel, too many tastes for your tongue to lick, too many books to salivate on, too many thoughts to write, too many people to meet, too many ultimate frisbee games to play, too many people to love, too many friends to be there for, too many chances to make the world better, too many  (nouns) to (action verb here). And I only realize that when I am alone. I don't want to deprive myself of my M E t i m e. Being alone is a comfort and it is something that I look forward to at least twice a month now. Before, it used to be everyday. Haha. I have evolved.

John Lennon, you and I are one on this. I wrote this down on my high school yearbook and my mom got a little disappointed. It is not an ambitious dream for a g o o d student like me. But, believe me it is a very difficult goal. Disagree with me? Now, tell me if you are very happy with your life right now, the p u r e happiness, the one where you could let go of all the hurts and disappointments that you have, even the tiny weeny, almost insignificant ones. If you are, then I am happy for you. 

This is written for the BC Bloggers Meme. Thanks to Rochelle O of My-not-so-secret Diary for this week's meme. I adore her precious blog.

And oh, I would have included more quotes since I can't get enough of them, but the post would be too long. You can checkout more in here: [x] tumblr [x] pinterest [x] His words

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