Radiall and Positive Evolution

I remembered when I used to sit inside the classroom during my third year in the college of engineering. I was like a little chick who beaked on eggshells -- I was put into a new environment, clueless about Electronics and Communications. It was like I was a given a map with symbols that are of no significance to me. I was.. lost.

But now, here I am, an engineer who has a day job on a prestigious semiconductor company and I can take pride in what I do. What I do now is actually my dream job back in college -- making the hardware work with the software. A little dash of programming and electronics. But, sometimes, the stress gets me, but that doesn't mean that I have to stop. I have to evolve just like Radiall.

Radiall is a company which started out by producing coaxial plugs for the television industry. From CRT's to LED TVs. What a long way out tellies have gone! I am sure Radiall has played their part on the transformation. Now, the company have interconnect components which can cater Defense, Aerospace, Medical, Industrial and Telecommunications.

As I browse through their products, I remember my college days of solving antenna dimensions. (We made a Folded Dipole for a telly.) Our review days of memorizing Wireless Communication equations were a nightmare. While memorizing these thoughts would cross my mind: The equations all look similar! Huhu. How can I take note of all of these constants! Huhu. 

Anyho, among their products are Fiber Optics, Antennas, RF Cable Assemblies, Microwave Components, Space Qualified Components, RF Coaxial Connectors and Multipin Connectors.

There. A reminder that we all should evolve -- for the better. *wink

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